By whoawhoawhoa - 28/12/2010 22:04 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I heard my parents going at it upstairs. He said, "sounds like they're having more fun than we did." To make it worse, he crept to their door and put his ear to it, telling me what he heard. FML
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I read 'boyfriend' as 'brother.' It made this about 293464802 times worse.

Dejaay 2

hahah, maybe he wanted to learn from the best ;)


yea. go to town.

I say join the party. What could go- JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST.

that's...interesting. maybe u should be better in bed, and maybe u shouldn't have a creeper as a bf.

iivann 0

give him some!!!!

daaron 3

exactly what the heck are you doing shit rape your bf he wants some action hearing old people go at it while u are complaining lol see who lasts longer OG's or NG's get it shawty

I read 'boyfriend' as 'brother.' It made this about 293464802 times worse.

ha I did the exact same thing and was like WTF that's messed.

flipflipflipidel 0

4 way?

MyChemical_fml 0

That's disgusting. Not funny either. Fuck you. -.-.

I agree. That is just wrong. I think flip has flipped.

Indeed, disgusting. Threesome tops, too awkward with multiple shafts that won't go near one another,

angela3222 0

Oh dear god.

Listen and learn, OP, listen and learn... YDI

josieB666 0

lol awesome bf!

Not a 4 way. How weird. But maybe a 3 way. It's incest if the daughter is involved

Rootbeerbum 15

your bf is a froopy wierdo lol

jessica_m7619 0

haha that's sad.