By Anonymous - 16/10/2012 05:23 - United States

Today, while looking through the camera my boyfriend got me, I found a video of a girl giving him head. After screaming at him about it and breaking up with him, I realized the girl was a drunken me. FML
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ThexFroggyGirl 21

Well damn. Learn to think before you speak, or else stupid shit like that happens.

007type 26

Were you also drunk when you saw the video?


PowerRussia 2

That's not classy :/

PleaseStayChill 9

Well at least the guy is free of her crazy ass.

Not classy at all. See the thing about being classy is you cant try to be classy. That, my good sir, is not classy at all...

lebronesque73091 12

How would you not be able to recognize yourself? You must've been really shitfaced.

Today, my girlfriend bitched me out and broke up with me after finding a video of a girl giving me head on the camera I gave her. The girl in the video was her when she was drunk. FML


Not at all.

ThexFroggyGirl 21

Well damn. Learn to think before you speak, or else stupid shit like that happens.

staceyvan1991 3

I agree

I'm guessing she never even bother to listen to him trying to explain the girl was her.

I agree, typical girls ^^

That's why I don't get along with many girls. Most of them are such dramatic dumbasses... It makes my head hurt.

84: Unfortunately, that's typically an excuse made by a person who doesn't get along well with most guys either.

xXKaanaXx 7

51 and 84, I have no idea why there are so many thumbs down for yours! I completely agree. And girls out there, thumbing down more just assures our feelings. Calm the hell down, think about it. At least once, you've been way too dramatic. Most likely more than once.

You still have a reason to be upset, if he filmed you without your knowledge.

feldco1 17

OP might now remember it.

Who are you, Hulk Hogan?

feldco1 17

*not. Damn autocorrect.

I doubt the court of law would believe that she didn't know about the camera if she can't even remember what she did during.

007type 26

Maybe he was drunk as well.

SaniK 17

Stupid, he was either drunk too or she shouldn't have got drink in the first place.

@Sanik, why shouldn't she have been drunk if her boyfriend wasn't? He could have been the DD. Or maybe he doesn't drink.

007type 26

Were you also drunk when you saw the video?

How could she. It recognize herself. She really needs to be more observant, or more sober before she looks at videos. I feel bad for her bf because he didn't deserve that. I'm sure she would have known he had taken a video.

BellaBelle_fml 23

68- You're comment is chalked-full of fail.

Why do you even bother commenting if "you're" comment is "chalked-full" of fail as well?

I'm guessing you're one of those girls that doesn't usually give head?

That mans poor soul.

OP: Who is that girl in the video, and WHY is she wearing my clothes? Boyfriend: Babe, that's-- OP:That's who? You cheating bastard! Boyfriend: No, it's y-- OP: Y? Whose name starts whith a y? Boyfriend: Fuck it, I'll save you the trouble. We're done. *walks out* OP: I knew it! I knew you were cheating on me, you bastard! Methinks you are a presumptuous bitch, OP. Bu why was he filming you? And why don't you seem to be bothered by that?

You should have used your head before breaking up with him.

007type 26

Break-up head.

She did, unfortunately she only used it once and not twice.

She was so busy with his head she forgot to use her own..

Ahhhhh, to have been a fly on the wall... "HOW COULD YOU LET THAT BITCH DO THAT TO YOU! LOOK AT THAT UGLY SLUT, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU LET A FAT, HOMELY BITCH SUCK ON YOUR COCK, GET The fuck out you assho.... Hummm, I'm sorry baby, I.... Baby, Honey... where are you going? It was just a joke... come on..." Brain in gear before mouth in motion saves a lot of embarrassment!

Perhaps that's a sign to stop drinking.

We all do dumb shit when we're fucked up.

not all of us. people should stick to their limits if they don't want stupid stuff to happen!

44 - we do but this is definitely a sign that she needs to quit drinking.

Or stop giving head.

^ truly an evil suggestion

People calm down I was just rephrasing Mike Tyson from the movie The Hangover.

It's ok 44, I got it.

Ks22 4

He still took video of you without your knowledge

obviousboy 8

It's far more likely she forgot it was taken, considering she didn't remember blowing him in the first place.