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Today, I was stuck in heavy traffic. Bored, I looked to my left and noticed someone who seemed to be asleep at the wheel. After staring for a bit, wondering how people can be so negligent, I ended up hitting the car in front of me. FML
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Hey guys, this is the OP here, and this is actually my first FML ever :3 This actually happened to me back in September, I was on the highway on my way to school. What happened was the traffic was so bumper-to-bumper, due to a bigger accident ahead. I had my foot on the brake, so the car was stopped at the time (I wasn't driving while looking.) That's when I decided to look around and saw a lady with her eyes shut in the car next to me. I guess my foot slipped off the brake ever so slightly, because next thing I heard was a thump (the cars were so close together it happened in an instant.) Luckily we were able to pull over, and the lady didn't seem too angry at me. Neither of our bumpers were damaged too much, so I just called my dad and had her speak with him. In the end, I just paid them $600 instead of going to insurance, and my car (luckily) didn't suffer too much damage. Yes, I know it was my fault, and I've learned from my mistake, so now, even in heavy traffic, eyes on the road only!

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WinterBlue42 22

Because you clearly learned from your mistake, and it doesn't seem it was very serious. . FYL. Glad you took responsibility! :D

And in another car someone was watching you watch someone and thinking how negligent it was. Negli-ception!


They were probally saying the exact same thing.

Lol the same goes to you, OP. The FML here should be by the person in front of you because you're not paying attention and so is the person next to you.

I always say it's important to get your daily dose of iron(y)

#31, That was pretty good, my hat is tipped to you

Maybe a little more attention should be allocated to the road instead of what others are doing in their vehicles. Lucky this was only a minor accident, next time you could end up killing somebody.

juturnaamo 29

They should make a button that says that so you can save time.

Bad luck OP. Pay attention to the road next time! I'm voting both on this one though..

This is a complete YDI because OP was being a dumbass

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This is the most ignorant comment i've ever read in my entire life.

Well redundant seems acceptable. Ignorant is quite harsh.

If you think #6 is the most ignorant / redundant you've ever read, You mustn't have read comment #4 then.

To what? You're not replying to anyone...

To anyone who doesn't understand this. Be said ditto in reply to the FML author about how people can be so negligent in their driving.

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Haha well that person wasn't worth paying attention too lol

you can be paying full attention and still get rear ended, if you're stuck there's not much you can do to avoid the hit

Always keep your eyes on the road 0.0