By donkeyd - 05/02/2010 16:29 - United States

Today, I woke up and had a voicemail from my boyfriend. I just thought nothing of it because it was a pocket dial. I decided to listen to it carefully and realized it was him having sex with another girl. FML
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doink 0

How did he "pocket dial" if he was busy having sex? Shouldn't his pants be off?

Erindub 0

I say this was no accident


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Did it sound hot? or was it lame like everytime u have sex with him?

missed de First....:(

KingDingALing 9

to the OP, u copied this from someone else.

ndiesal 0

As if the first person that posted a story like this is the only person this could ever happen to

serendipitiousne 0

Sorry! :(

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o0XMzMayX0o 0

first at wat? u didn't comment anything u fail! I'm tired of u people! OP - sucks to b u Hun!!! u should send one back doing the same thing and at the end say it's over.

YDI for not joining in. Joking.

how do you pocketdial during sex unless your boyfriend likes to keep his clothes on during it

XCaLX_fml 0

how do u know it wasnt another guy

phreshboi 1

its funny cause she's from Virginia

Erindub 0

I say this was no accident

did you hear any queefing ? if yes he has a really large johnson like me. i like girls who queef.

cause the boy friend raped her after dropping some ruffies in her milk.

Thabb 0

I think he was trying to send you a message.

I hope it's her ex boyfriend after that

doink 0

How did he "pocket dial" if he was busy having sex? Shouldn't his pants be off?

we all know he could have easily pulled his penis through the zipper hole. cheaters use this move for ease, quickness and agility.

Pants at half mast.

drunastunamazing 0

ppl can easily dial the phone to last called number! maybe it was her and it doesn't have to be in your hand! I know ppl who have ha there phone in there pocket or beside them and they hit the call button!

tman118 0

loud noises!!! quit the exclamation marks

lol, that's a great analysis! lol

I'm Ron Burgundy?

CleanSheets 0

I'm not sure why, but this made me laugh.

YDI if you stay with him

skeleton_skinner 0

Ouch. Fucking dump his ass!!!!! D:

$100 says he was watching porn you stupid bitch.

chadwick110480 0

lmao. great =D

EllyH 0

haha! that's awful!

pepes_tacos 0

some boys leave their boxers and even their pants on. sometimes for convenience or just bcuz they prefer that soooo yea. plus you don't know maybe the pants were off but were being layed on or something.

YDI for jumping to conclusions

I call bullshit. Does your bf have sex with his pants on? How would it pocket dial?

maybe before they started getting it on he pocket dialed? and the pants were next to the bed? it's not likely, but not impossible either