By XxMe123xx - 19/08/2010 00:51 - France

Today, my boyfriend decided it would be funny to record us having sex and me screaming his name. He set it as my ringtone without telling me. I had my phone volume on high as I was hanging out with my family. FML
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HannaMarie95 0

Unfortunately, Hanna, there's a good amount of people on here that can't read and make rude comments when they have no idea what they're talking about.

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Ludii_fml 0

eww my dad would have a heart attack.

my dad would grab a gun and be heading for the boys house!

Lol if my dad were to hear something like that, my life would end. And the guy's life too.

jennasayhella 3

if my mother heard that... well let's just say he wouldn't have his family jewels...

same... if my bf decided to be funny and record it, do somethin else with it, don't do somethin like that unless u wanna die via my familia :P

BSRHollyJet 0

haha wat an ass. ur man is funny

Peacemaker9 7

lol bf = boss!!!! that such a major win