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Today, I cleaned up my dog's crap after my wife asked me. 5 minutes later she yelled at me for being lazy as she slammed the door leaving for work. My dog shit in the exact same spot apparently to make me look stupid. FML
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Miss_gord 0

"stupid dog you make me look bad":)

maybe it was your wife and she was blaming the dog? :o


Miss_gord 0

"stupid dog you make me look bad":)

"Now it's time for Courage the Cowardly Dog show."

In the middle of nowhere! God that show was a bit scary wasn't it? Especially when we were kids...

Nah, the show was funny. Sailing across nowhere to find a sandwhale and take its accordion.

InnocentLies 0

I esp like the art in that show. :)

derpherp 0

I'd like to buy a vowel. O. Is it, Boom?

I hated that showit gave me nightmares as a kid

ArmedcrackerR6 8

Sounds like it's time to put down Old Yeller if you know what I mean.

Mr_Darkside 5

that was a great show. the episode Last Of The Star Makers was depressing... :( anyway.... dude u have a smart ass dog

It's Doc Gerbil's world, It's Doc Gerbil's world

EvilCupcake8361 9

that show creeped me out as a kid O.o

iBiteRoses 22

Me too... OMG I had such bad nightmares about that show... Weird muttations of the characters would chase me around with lethal-looking weapons and kitchen utensils. LOL

nateb1tch 1

or the dog pulled out a gun and forced him to pull the crap out of it's ass and put it on the floor in THE EXACT SAME SPOT

fthku 13

13 That was just beyond not funny. If you don't teach your dog not to poop in the house, he'll do it. Dogs also like to return to the same spots for these sort of things. Guess you are stupid.

MarineWifey88 3

Your dog hates you. Give it more treats.

Hotness1 0

My dog pisses in the same spot in my patio. I think because that spot is always clean he keeps going back their.

maybe it was your wife and she was blaming the dog? :o

WesleyS1 0

lol i was thinkin the same thing,she would be the bitch now lol

cheex87 0

guess your dog is not your best friend.