By jimmy - 30/11/2015 21:27 - Canada - Orangeville

Today, my 5-year-old son put my car keys in the microwave thinking that they would 'warm up' my car. FML
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At least his heart was in the right place?

At least he cares. He could have put them in the toilet.


At least his heart was in the right place?

lexiieeex3 32

You have to admit, it really sucks but it's adorable as all hell.

Totally. I bet Op raised him well! Im guessing Op is pissed & proud at the same time.

Probably a good time to teach him no metal in the microwave.

countryrose92 23

I think it's sweet

I feel like he knows after seeing the firework show. haha. but he was just trying out the process of deduction. he was being rather smart if you think about it. it just so happens that's not quite how it works. I think it's cute too. and she should use this as a science lessen.

At least he cares. He could have put them in the toilet.

Flush away any issues with the car?

They would have survived that; at least without a flush.

they would also survive in the microwave if he hadn't turned it on...

How the hell did your son get to the microwave?

xXShadowStormXx 12

He couldn't have, it wasn't warmed up yet.

These comments make me happy, lol

Braden_Claflin 12

I agree?

I don't know, do you agree?

the suspense is killing me. I must know. DO YOU AGREE OR NOT AGREE?

Awww... you got to admit....thats super cute.

When I was 5 I thought the rumble strips on the side of the road were for blind people to drive. We were stupid once.

I thought the sound those made were car farts...

Wait... that's not a thing?

writergirl1029 17

It was very thoughtful of him.

Hold up, you mean that's not how you warm up your car?! That explains a lot..

lol gotta love kids.. haha

spacefish966 18

He really just wanted to see the " fireworks"