By badtiming - 15/09/2010 04:15 - United States

Today, I saw a bad car wreck. I pulled over and ran to the car to find an unconscious man behind the wheel. Another car pulled up, and a guy got out. I was relieved to have help, until, to my horror, he started trying to hit on me. I was stuck with him until the ambulance arrived. FML
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If I understand correctly, this guy got out because he saw her. He wasn't even going to bother with the crash.

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"Today, I was in a bad car wreck. A woman came over to help, and a man followed her. Instead of helping me, I had to hear him striking out with the woman. This continued on until the ambulence arrived. FML" OP, your situation just seems like a "wrong place, wrong time" deal. Other than that, I don't see the FML.


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#5 Oh okay.. now that makes sense. Thanks ;)

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that guy hit on her while waiting for ambulance? I don reAlly get it too.

He was hitting on her instead of helping the guy in the crash, when she wanted help. Definite FML. Keep up.

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17, haha that's what I thought. he's ridiculous. but I'm doubting if such post is true.

Lol woops I read it wrong, hit on you, I got it.

guys Another Car Pulled Up.... so a guy was driving past and saw her there and thought she was cute so he pulled over and hit on her while she was trying to help the injured person that crashed

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^^ found some competition ehh?? lol

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The poster means flirt, not assaulted. In which case, i do not smell a lawsuit.

are you so ugly you look like you've been in a car wreck?

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I think she's adorable. I wish I could pull off short hair.

Wouldn't talk steelers with your bieber hair.

I disagree as well. She isn't "hawt" She's gorgeous/adorable. :]

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shed be pretty if she got a bit more tanned

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I'm not sure I'm comfortable with my attractiveness being debated on FML. Kitty time.

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so is your picturrrre! stfu anti-flood I'm not a spammer

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I don't get it.. a guy hitting on you= **** your life? did I miss something when I read that?

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I know. They were overly dramatic with the "to my horror" part.

try putting yourself in that situation & just think, would the first thing on your mind be "maybe I can get off on that guy while he's unconscious!". I think the FML is concerned with the fact that while she was stressing about trying to help someone who could be fatally injured, at the same time as fending off a guy with such disgusting moral values as to ignore the casualty & try to get into her pants instead

don't waste your time explaining fmls to duckfaces

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you are either oblivious to the entire thing or just stupid she went out to help the guy who knocked out while the other guy just wanted to get her number then get laid

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at first i though it said te guy started to hit her...

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LOL duckfaces?!?!? where do people come up with these names?!?

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how's that bad? are you a lesbian???

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I agree with 83 you must have missed almost the whole fml

Well what the hell else was he supposed to do? Pray for the unconscious dude? Or maybe draw a penis on his face and take a picture?

God, you know, it would be kind of respectful to do anything except hit on the woman that's the only one trying to help somebody that really does need help. If he was thinking about anything else than his penis, he would know what to do, like, giving help (if that was possible) or be supportive and worried, or something like that. But hitting on her is so wrong on so many levels. I am also trying to imagine the situation. Woman: 'Oh, yes, finally, somebody to help me! Look, this man is unconscious, I already called the ambulance, but do you know something that might help him now? I am so worried, and don't know what to do...' Man: 'You have nice eyes. Woman: '...sir? This person needs help, look, he's unconscious, his car is totally wrecked, we need to do something!' Man: 'We can go to my appartement, if you want...' Woman: 'Look, I'm not interested in you, I only want to help this man, he needs it. Man: 'Yeah, I can see you're a little stressy. A beautiful girl like you would like to go the movies with me, for a nice, romantic movie, and then you would calm down, and later on, we could go to my appartement for a little chat.' Woman: 'Leave me the **** alone!' Men: 'You have nice boobs. I want to drive you to the cinema, if you wants' And so on, and so on... Definitly a FML

#40 - you left out the part where he sees that she's annoyed and offers her a shoulder massage.

Only a woman could suggest that "being supportive and worried" is any sort of help. The sad truth is that there most likely was nothing that they could do until paramedics arrived. Also, the odds that the conversation was actually anywhere near as retarded as in your example are rather remote.

^ this x eleventy plus, you shouldn't have moved him unless his car was on fire.

The unconscious man was probably beaten by the Cartel's. You tried to help him and the guy was part of the cartel that hurt him and beat you up too. It's pure science.

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"Today, I was in a bad car wreck. A woman came over to help, and a man followed her. Instead of helping me, I had to hear him striking out with the woman. This continued on until the ambulence arrived. FML" OP, your situation just seems like a "wrong place, wrong time" deal. Other than that, I don't see the FML.

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It's an FML if you're alone in a situation where there's unwanted attention from some asshole who could easily rape you.

RedPillSucks has got it, I'd say. If I were in the situation, anyway. Which, I have been in similar situations, and it's annoying and stressful. OP, FYL, I guess as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. You were trying to do a good thing, that other guy is a douche.

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hmmm so I'm assuming there was something wrong with the guy?? you should really explain why it was a problem I understand the bad timing but it wasn't that bad.