By Anonymous - United States - Lakeland
  Today, while on the way to Florida for spring break, I pointed out to my mom a bright blue car in the rear-view mirror. As the car overtook us, we both got a horrifyingly detailed view of the driver jerking off her passenger. FML
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  Shrike  |  22

Well, it clearly says "jerking off HER passenger" in the FML. Sounds like you need to go back to elementary school, errr... ElementaryEdGuy.

Edit: Beaten to it, huh... *jerks off to divert attention*

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

70, my ex is partially color blind. To him, blues and greens are all the same, yellow and orange are the same, and pink, purple and red are the same. Thanks for pointing that out.

  roxxyfoxxy3  |  25

There are people who see different colors, shades, and textures then other people. So while it may be red to one person, it could be blue to another! I should know, considering my eyes see two different shades :o

  bamagrl410  |  31

Wow, two "jerk in your lane" comments in a row. Fail x2.

  DudeEvil  |  22

Well she wasn't masturbating, she was giving a hand job. To text you have to look at your phone but you can look at the road while giving a hand job... so maybe it's not as bad. Just pay she can multitask good. :P

  perdix  |  29

#13, sadly, both are still legal in Florida.

They tried to pass anti-texting bills but were blocked by objections from the big telecoms. Anti-hand-job legislation has been stymied . . . by all men!

  Cupcake040  |  17

Thanks 20 I got the fml.....I'm not illiterate. But let's be real if you were masturbating yourself or another person would you be able to hold full attention on something else???