By LolaBell - 24/04/2015 14:12 - United States - Brookfield

Today, my husband admitted that he's been spying on me for the last 5 years to see if I was cheating, out of paranoia brought on by his own cheating for all 5 of those years. FML
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it takes one to know one

What a douche. Hope you dump him.


it takes one to know one

I hope you mean ex-husband.

They say the paranoid are the ones doing the cheating.

KhaleesiDannie 26

I mean if he can cheat on her and not get caught obviously she can do the same

What a douche. Hope you dump him.

Dillyduzit 23

I smell a very justified divorce. At least hopefully OP can sleep at night knowing his affair also brought him a lot of well-deserved anxiety.

Dump her husband...? I dont think it works like that

Wow I'm sorry about that OP. I think he might have been looking for a way to breakup with you if he found anything suspicious. FYL, time to move on from that unfaithful scumbag.

I hope you mean soon-to-be ex husband.

Unfortunately being accused of something like that is a telling sign that they'd be doing it themselves ... Sorry OP.

Ask him if it was worth it

Get rid of him. You've waisted enough time on him.

Un-husband that man

Oh_bother44 11

That is the best wording for that- kudos

#21 - I thought so, too. I'll be very disappointed if un-husbanding or un-wifing doesn't become a thing.

I'd be tempted to un-person him, myself.

I hope that's a soon to be EX husband

Projection is one of the biggest red flags of cheating. "I'm having an affair, so you must be having one too!"