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I smell a promotion!

office jobs are not for everybody...


I smell a promotion!

so? it happens to everyone. get on with it.

I smell fail.

u deserve it fer Bein stoopid

you spelt that wrong on purpose, right??

I'm really hoping he did...

your a freaking nOOb

Boob... Oh wait, nübe? That word is for pussies.

You're all noobs. Get over it.

office jobs are not for everybody...

Just move on. It happens even to the most experienced people.

lol....yeah ok

Did it fail to print colour, or fail to print ink at all. How could it even have printed black if the sticker was still on..

Depends what kind of printer/cartridge is was. Some printers have separate cartridges for black and color ink. Either way, OP is a pea-brain.

I think the words f*ck my life have totally lost it's meaning. you'll be FINE.

Exactly. Only FYL if your boss fired you for being a moron

Ironically as I read this, at the top of the page, Google advertises ink cartridges to me....... even Google is mocking you. FYL

Fucking moron.