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By JAdams - 13/08/2012 00:49 - United States - Newkirk

Today, I walked in on my fifteen-year-old son and his friends attempting to set up a rudimentary meth lab in his bedroom. I'm not sure whether to be angrier that they simply tried this, or that they thought burning up baking soda would somehow produce methamphetamine. FML
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Most 15 year olds work on their "math" not "meth" :P

Perhaps they need to refine their METHods, then.


Most 15 year olds work on their "math" not "meth" :P


"Oooohhh the teacher said MATH"

They probably saw an episode of Breaking Bad and thought they could do it at home.

There are so many things wrong with this...

You'd think with the Internet and suspicious next door nehibors these days you'd be able to learn how to make sim quality Meth.

Meth is power. Edit: Math is power. Edit#2: either way works

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As a 15 year old, yeah, sure, just "math" in the privacy of our own bedroom. Yup.

116 and 132 - It's from an old FML. Anyone else remember?

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Time to call Walter White...

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For real! What kind of 15 year old even thinks about creating a meth lab? I blame it on Breaking Bad. Even though that show is ******* awesome it might be sending messages to dumb ***** like OP's son that they can become a meth chemist like Walter.

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Why kick his ass? He might be onto something first bath salts now baking soda!!! Its the new zombie drug!!!! Ahhhhhhh run for your lives he's foaming out the mouth!!!!

#2, Kick his ass long and hard, burning up baking soda in his bedroom could easily end up burning the house down. No matter how much, or what they tell you; 15 year olds DO NOT know what they are doing.

That's dangerous as hell! (for ex, read my comment faaaaar below)

don't worry life will kick his ass. The only thing worse than being a criminal is being a stupid criminal

Perhaps they need to refine their METHods, then.

I must ask is there any sort of METHod to this madness!?

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96- are you calling me tiny? I'll have you know I am 7'8" and a 450 lb. wall of muscle, like all my other comrades on the interwebz!

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Yeah, what 98 said! Sometimes we are 900lb of solid metal instead, depending on how we feel. Don't make me fall on you...

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3 - I agree, OP definitely needs to get them to start watching Breaking Bad.

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45 - Word play doesn't really work when you use the exact same punny word as the person you're replying to.

#96, sorry to be the grammar police; *punny is what I am guessing you meant.

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140- I prefer grammar Cheka.

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Don't these idiots even have cable? Watching Breaking Bad would have told them how in just a few short episodes.

Or u can google the recipe not that I would recommend this but just saying access is out there.

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Speaking of breaking bad..tonight's episode was mind blowing! Brilliant show.

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just remember, chili p is the most important ingredient.

Well I'm just wondering where the hell they got all the equipment they needed to even start a 'rudimentary meth lab'...

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Judging by the FML, I really doubt that they did have the required materials.

Judging by the FML it seems like they where confusing meth with crack. Maybe all they had where a couple of spoons lol

Meth supplies are on bogo this week at Publix.

#6: I have a degree in chemistry. Believe me, this kid would have been in for a big surprise if he tried this as a university student and got caught. My professor told me of a student who blew off part of his body (I think it was a hand, as well as blowing up the lab he was working in) because he believed that he knew better and refused to follow instructions. Few things make me more furious than when people take chemistry and its dangers lightly.

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77- As a Chemistry Professor at a local college, I can assure you that is one of the most frustrating things. The high schoolers come into class thinking they know everything about chemistry just because they took a few classes in high school. I have sent students out of lab for sheer stupidity.

You do realize that you just called yourself stupid. Right?

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Exactly! It's a weird way to get his point across, but it works

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Well, im a teenager and when i look at most of my friends and people i knowi despair for the future of humanity :P

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32- Well if you "despair for humanity" whenever you're around your friends, get smarter ones.

This reminded me of the song Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

^^ Play that song as loud as you possibly can while racing down the highway with your windows rolled down. Your day = made.

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'They gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies and the looks...'

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38- yeah i tried that but the smarter ones are all stuck up pricks who think they're better than everyone else (its a small town) ill take not the brightest but nicest over that anyday.

I thought it was "with all the lies in the books"? Isn't it?

7, Surely with your one year of being a teen, you have concluded that the entire teen population is "pretty stupid." Holy hell I hate stupid people making stupid comments

Do not judge a group by only a few people!

I'm a teenager and I don't consider most teenagers I know stupid. In fact they're smarter than most adults I know.

Guys, he doesn't know any better. He's a Rangers fan.

Generalizations, don't make them here without some serious thought being put into your comment, unless you enjoy execution by thumbs. 126 - You must have an extremely skewed, biased way of judging intelligence then. I am ready to promise you that "most teenagers" are NOT smarter than adults. Why? Because believe it or not, those adults were also teenagers once upon a time, and have since built further upon their learnings. There's a reason "most teenagers" aren't the ones drawing blueprints for our buildings or performing surgical operations on our bodies.

#97, Read your bio, then ask yourself: do I qualify for entry into the stupid teen category? answer - If I am like a liot of them, then I do.

i get what you're saying but most teenagers i know are, in fact, older than me. They're 16-20 (I still consider 20 year olds teens) and are about to/have already graduated high school. Most adult i know (other than family) are pretty dumb but that's probably because i live in south central and there's a lot of drug users around where i live.

68 - the irony of you talking about how you're smarter than all your friends and they make you "despair for humanity" and then saying that the more intelligent people you know are all "stuck up pricks who think they're better than everyone else" has made my day. Well done..

143-I feel as though I should tell you that 20 is spelled twenty, not twenTEEN. So no, 20 year-olds are not teenagers. Their mental age could vary, though.

68- sounds like ignorance really is bliss for you...

68 - In case you haven't noticed, your comments have been riddled with grammatical errors, therefore please stop enforcing 7's comment. As well, you may want to take this as a hint as to why "stupid people" flock towards you to be your friend.

7- You're just generalizing now. Also, you're an asshole.

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146- I am so glad to have made your day, because that was my only intention all along. I tried with a little light hearted, somewhat sarcastic humor but if thinking im an idiot because you think i mean everything i say in a completly serious way is what works for you then whatever floats your boat, my friend.

You're probably older and wiser by now, but the term is 'dumbass', and you're SUPPOSED to be a dumbass. Most scientific advancement comes from sheer dumbassery. You're not stupid--exploring new things and getting it wrong leads to wonderful results sometimes, and we're all going to be pretty glad you were brave enough to tough out the times it didn't. Look up NASA's track record for examples of why it's important to be a dumbass sometimes--it nets us things like velcro and space blankets (and dehydrated ice cream, try it!).

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And this is the future of our nation

More like- this is the future of our prison system.

Generations are getting worse each day.

This is the problem I have with generational attitudes. Everybody thinks their generation is better than the next. To be honest, it really isn't much better or worse than the previous or the next. We need to stop with this "The sky is falling!" shit because a few idiots from a younger generation decides to pull a few dumb stunts.

My cousins a dumbass and he's thirty. There's rotten corn in every crop.

I agree with 24, just because there's a couple of idiots in this generation does not mean everyone is like that. I do agree some teens do very stupid things, but you can't blame us all for it. I'm pretty sure previous generations have done stupid things as well, just like the next ones will too. Besides, lets not forget who raised us ;)

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By that logic, the generations who believed in separation of races and that whites were better than blacks were way ahead of where we are now. So go ahead and tell me that Apartheid was great, but I choose to believe that we're learning from our mistakes and that there are just a few idiots along the way.

Thank you #169. Someone is finally making sense.

how would you know that's not how to make meth? OP is a junkie

Shit, I know that rubbing two spoons against my asshole while I sing TiK ToK won't make meth. Guess I must be a junkie.

I've never seen, tried, or made meth but I doubt that how you make it .--. OP could have just used common sense.

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15-- thanks for that mental image. I imagined ke$ha getting blown up by a falling meteor at the end though, it made me happy.