By apparentlybutch - 05/09/2014 21:11 - United States - Fort Wayne

Today, I asked out the girl I really like. She turned me down, saying that she's a lesbian. That'd be fine, if I were a guy. FML
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Corvo_Attano_4 12

Don't worry, she probably just uses that excuse on guys a lot and has been accustomed to do that after being asked out


jack_jill05 14

you don't sound very gay. (happy)

jack_jill05 14

im not a particularly 'punny' person & that was my attempt, so back off okay? thanks

If you're not a particularly 'punny' person then don't try to come up with puns.

Llama_Face89 33

" back off, okay?" Wow, that's GOTTA hurt!

cryssycakesx3 22

any reason punny is in apostrophes?

she was making a second poor attempt at a pun; since "punny" sounds like "funny". extrodinarily unoriginal

martin8337 35

# 1, not a bad double entendre, I personally liked that pun.

that's just offensive. I'm gay(lesbian) and you pretty much just made yourself look like an ass!

jack_jill05 14

first, let me start out by saying that i fully believe, support, and respect gay rights, but people are so damn ignorant. my "so back off, okay?" was not intended for anything, except to ask you to back off. my "punny" was never meant to be orginal. I dont credit for it, for that would mean I was good at puns. & the orginal comment has (happy) In parentheses as to get my point across. but obviously that didn't happen. but whatever. you can say whatever you want, ill just say whatever I want back.

I thought #1 pun was pretty amusing. I chuckled when I read it.

Maybe people just don't know gay is a homonym (no pun intended)... I mean, this actually wasn't offensive at all O.o

I think the reason you got so many down votes may be because you felt the need to explain your pun. Although I could be wrong but my guess is that. Good puns don't need explaining

Maybe it wasn't offensive, it's still not funny. If it wasn't meant to be funny, then it's just a wack first comment, regardless of the homonym. You get thumbs down from me either way

Take a chill pill people and get a sense of humor while you are at it!

saraitkddh 47

This is why I hate commenting on the internet and especially on FML. Most of the users are always mean ( yeah, probably I am going to get attacked and down voted because of that ) and would attack anyone who they don't even understand what they mean. People nowadays think being mean makes them cool ( feeling disgusted ) and this is one of the reasons of why I chose to never miss a chance to shut up in life! Btw, your pun was awesome :)

saraitkddh 47

WOW! Thanks :D it is just that sometimes people can really hurt so much, but sorry I didn't mean to overreact.

Using the word gay, as in happy, is offensive, and makes you look like an ass? Yeah well good luck with that since it's not offensive at all... Please never comment again


WARNING. The following might be boring. When someone is trying to make a pun, they are often taking advantaqge of a word with dual meanings - in this case "gay". The meaning of words changes over time and we should try to remember this. When I was a kid, I read a book where the lead character was told to go get some "faggots" for the fire. That sounds very offensive today, but at the time the book was written, faggots were small pieces of wood used to start fires. If you want to see the history of words and how the meanings change over time, look something up in the Oxford English Dictionary.

53 - You do realize that 'apostrophes' are actually a variation of quotation marks, generally used in British English?

d100100 3

Well considering "back off... Okay?" Isn't an insult, i'm gonna go with it didn't hurt at all. You ******* idiot

Lol are you kidding? Wake up and smell the roses. People are extremely rude and mean on this site all the time. Pull your heads outta your asses

Corvo_Attano_4 12

Don't worry, she probably just uses that excuse on guys a lot and has been accustomed to do that after being asked out

Reread the comment. She's probably so used to using that excuse when guys ask her out that she automatically used it when a girl asked her out.

It isn't really cruel if she honestly didn't know that OP is a girl.

i think they said it was cruel cuz they werent being honest.

kewpiesuicide 29

People would constantly call my ex 'sir' and she does pretty well with the ladies. Find someone who likes you for who you are ;)

shiny_shipper 28

Rejecting someone doesn't automatically make them a bitch? Still, it was a bad excuse. I'm sorry about what happened, OP.

She's probably just used to using that excuse. Don't take it to the heart.

So what'd she say after you told her you were a woman, OP?

Lesbiahonest here, that was pretty cruel.

cryssycakesx3 22

but the girl never lied to OP…

If you're so butch that people can't even identify your gender, it's probably time to rethink your style.

why? why should she care what people think of her? if shes comfortable with herself and how she dresses, then why change?

Why should she change her real self that she's comfortable with to something that pleases everyone else? It's her body and no one else's.

cryssycakesx3 22

maybe she likes being mistaken for a guy.

If she's so upset about getting mistaken for a guy that she's posting on fmylife about it, then clearly she isn't comfortable with it.