By AnonymousQuagga - 07/02/2014 03:07 - United States - Flower Mound

Today, I was at the library, working with some classmates on our major semester project. I accidentally killed power to the row of computers by me. I've never had so many enraged faces looking at me before. FML
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The best option is to just run. There's nothing scarier than college students that have to redo their essays.

Honestly, OP? I'd be pissed too.


Quickly, give them candy before they crazymurder you



Yes, as opposed to insanemurder, psychomurder or plain old normalmurder.

What about serialmurder?

*batman voice* thanks for the candy *shoots everyone else*

No, no, no. You cannot serialmurder a single person...

What if they were murdered with other people?


this happened in my middle school Microsoft office class. except it was always my annoying neighbor or my friend on the other side. we always got mad cause we had a bunch of work put into a project and lost it.

The best option is to just run. There's nothing scarier than college students that have to redo their essays.

Perfect example of this watch the movie PCU


Such a situation is where zombie defence training comes in real handy.

Run. Run and don't look back.

You better watch your back.

If you don't move they can't see you

that only works in movies

Actually, in the Jurassic Park movie, the man whom was eaten by the T Rex whilst on the toilet was sitting still. Only in the book did he run for the T Rex to see him.

#66- Wasn't he making scared noises, though? I thought it had heard him...

Honestly, OP? I'd be pissed too.

Pissed off, sure but OP said it was accidental, and we all know this kind of stuff can happen even when we try to prevent it.

You need to find a safe house; maybe get into a protection program too.

thats when you do that silent walk backwards towards the door....

Princess Protection Program! ...No? Are you sure? Selena Gomez will be there.

Sorry meant to reply to the comment above.

Maybe it's just me but I would rather deal with the angry college students and not see Selena Gomez.

I'm shocked no one flipped a table

(/●_●)/ [=

If you aren't scared, you should be