By azurekitten - 7/6/2021 07:59

Clipper time

Today, I once again woke up to find a huge gash on the back of my foot with blood pouring out. Turns out, I scratched it with my other toenail in my sleep. This is the ninth time this has happened. FML
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By  Annies  |  15

op here. i clip my toenails every day. and I do mean every. single. day.
they just grow back extremely fast.

  Annies  |  15



Because it's not the same account or username you dope. If you cut your toenails every night before bed there's no possible way they grew back long enough to gouge you in 8-10 hours. Also it takes time for them to sharpen, even if they could grow back that fast they wouldn't be sharpened.