By get me out of this house! - 03/03/2014 06:12 - United States

Today, my grandma begins her second week of unemployment. So far, she has paced outside my door, randomly comes into my room, and I woke up this morning to find a bible on my bed. I now look forward to going to work every day. FML
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Might want to invest in locks.

At least this is good for YOUR career


At least this is good for YOUR career

What OP should do is put the want ads on her grandma's bed

Might want to invest in locks.

If God and boredom is on her side idk if a lock will stop her :/

Unless her grandmother used to be a locksmith when she had a job, I'm fairly sure a lock will stop her no problem

Almost all bedroom locks can be opened with a slide of a card haha don't need to be a locksmith, and even then who knows maybe she was one before.

Who said it had to be a normal bedroom lock, I was thinking more along the lines of a deadbolt

Unfortunately, since she most likely also lives with her parents, they might not want OP to have a bedroom lock. I know my parents would tell me to suck it up and spend time with grandma. Hopefully her parents will at least consider it.

GiovanniPaisa 8

If the locks fail get some barbed wire , that will stop granny for sure :)

At least you're motivated to go to work.

Ask her to knit you a cardigan or something!

Yah you should get her to find a hobby. Like gardening maybe, old people like that?

Get a nice new Christmas sweater.

Nickb55 16

Ask her to do little things to keep her busy :)

Give her some daily tasks and make a list of things for her to do. She just doesn't know what to do with herself anymore. Maybe help her find an easy part time job too if the lists don't help

Ask her to make you cookies ^^ Joke aside, maybe she can do some volunteering. Anything to keep her busy.

...Making cookies would keep her busy c:

You might need to lock your room or just give her something to do.

tazmanmike2013 17

Sorry if she's bothering ya but having a bible isn't a bad idea. Even if you are not devote, there are good moral codes to go by especially in the Nee Testiment

No need for a Bible to have morals

Yeah, good moral codes like stone your children if they disobey you and kill rape victims if they don't want to marry their rapist.

You obviously haven't read the bible if you say that. You're taking parts out of context and twisting the meaning around. And the parts in particular being twisted around are in the Old Testament, most of the rules of which Jesus eliminated and changed.