By Anonymous - 19/12/2011 07:35 - Canada

Today, while sleeping, my foot was stabbed by something in my bed and I woke up to it bleeding. I looked around for the cause and found nothing. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep because it might happen again. FML
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Watch out! Freddy Krueger is about!


That'll be one sharp toe nail.

We got some Insidious shit going on in here :D *hides knife*

Insidious? I was thinking more like Tyler Durden.

It may have been a feather... The ends are pretty sharp.

I've been stabbed by pencils in my pocket, but OP's foot was stabbed and I don't think normal people sleep with sharp objects in their socks so I really have no idea. Unless, of course, OP is a ninja/assassin and always keeps weapons on his/herself.

His name is robert Paulson...

I hear bed bugs are carrying knives now

Op, maybe you sleep-stab yourself. Don't worry I do it too :D

His name is robert paulson

Happened to me once, I tore a bedsheet with my toenail.

Ooh that's happened to me, I got a huge gash on my thigh, I found nothing in my bed, and I have a light scar now.

Watch out! Freddy Krueger is about!

1,2 Freddy is coming for you...

HowAreYouToday 34

3,4 better lock your door

5, 6, grab your crucifix

7,8 better stay up late

9,10 crap the bed

9,10 never sleep again

Sounds like Drew Bree's pregame chan lol

9,10 crap the bed

lol 111s picture is so appropriate for this FML

He know when you're sleeping. He know if you're awake.

115# / 120# I like how you try to make the same comment in hope of thumbs up, because it was smacked down the first time. Oh, and your plan failed.

I would say the same of 91, hand looks like Freddy

hahah nice team work guys. with the whole 1 2 thing

146 I didn't even notice that if you scroll fast and see my pic it looks like that! Too funny :)

Dangit you caught me

Yea, I really doubt you did it. Any more pseudo-crimes you want to confess?

Seems like beds have been fighting back more and more. They might be conspiring with the clouds about revenge on us xD

Seems unlikely

The OP must have been sleeping around.

I knew this day would come!

Pennywise strikes again...

Haha, not too many people know his real name but they're scared to death of his pic. Now that I know his name.... he's no longer a stranger and my mom told me not to talk to strangers!

Dude ... He scares the ever loving shit out of me. :( he's the stuff my nightmares are made of...

Please don't make those horrific nightmares visit me again... :'(

"Have you got Prince Albert in a can? Well you better let him out! WAH HA, WAH HA, WAH HA!"

^^^ when you comment I feel like I'm Edward Norton and you're biting the curb. *sigh* love daydreams.

Just warms the soul thinking about it doesn't if?

Awesome reference!! He's my favorite horror!

I think santa is on his routine checks. He I seeing if you sleep sound enough so he can creep on you on Christmas.

This is my absolute FAVORITE horror movie. Thank you for making my day

Looks like you'll have a spring in your step tommorow morning!

so you found my pet cactus?!?!? i've been looking everywhere!!

Sorry..My knife fell...

What difference would that make

Practically no difference. Are you really that stupid??

i suggest combat boots.

Cut holes in the matress and put your feet in them, or just buy another blanket for your feet and wrap them up crazy

I'm pretty sure if it made his foot bleed then it would be able to cut through his socks. But he could wear shoes..sounds pretty uncomfortable though

#9 - wearing socks while you sleep is how you get foot fungus..

Shoes with spikes on the bottoms

Flockz will you marry me?

Chill y'all she's clearly joking around

That's really scary! My cat use to hide in my comforter and then scratch me really hard. Maybe if you have a cat it could have scratched you?

Sorry, but why does your cat hate you?

No 155 they do that to play