By Anonymous - 12/12/2014 14:45 - United States - Port Saint Lucie

Today, my commitment issues were perfectly illustrated when I couldn't put a nail in the wall to hang a painting, because, "What if I change my mind?" FML
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I think you might want to see a shrink, this could cause serious life problems. Good luck

"Maybe I changed my mind about changing my mind."


You can always move it somewhere else...worst that can happen is you have to replace some drywall if you move it.

Replace drywall?? A little spackle and a little paint will fix the issue.

MzZombicidal 36

Quit whining, #23. Better comments could have been posted other than that.

For OP that might seem like too much effort and commitment, just like a relationship

Shit. Chew some gum and shove it in the hole and paint over it.

I think you might want to see a shrink, this could cause serious life problems. Good luck

thomasrasmussen7 20

Would they change their mind or not make up their mind?

I think it's already causing life problems. It's nothing to get too hung up on though OP. If you get some professional help they will help you to see the big picture and nail the problem once and for all.

atav 17

#31 I think you tried a little too hard on that pun.....

"Maybe I changed my mind about changing my mind."

Thank you 3M hanging strips!

AnOriginalName 19

My roommate put those up so she wouldn't put holes in the wall. When it came time to clean up and move out, she tore them off. And they brought big chunks of paint off the wall with them.

Don't tell OP

You have to pull them straight down. If there is even a little bit of an angle, they will remove paint. It is easier (and rather soothing) to just spackle the holes.

Your one of those crazy girls

MzZombicidal 36

Nice job assuming their gender. Lol.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

we're all a little crazy somewhere deep inside.

Heeeyyy might that be a paramore reference?

I can only imagine how torn you felt about making this an FML .-.

Maybe you should get some help OP?

Are you sure you want to commit to THAT painting?

then you patch the little tiny hole in the wall and move it somewhere else

MzZombicidal 36

I'd try to get help, OP. It must be pretty awful if you can't even hang one picture.