By Anonymous - 17/07/2013 16:02 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, trying to be funny in front of some friends, I held my cat above my head Lion King style. The height must have made him nervous, because he shat on my head. FML
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SumBur 11

Hakuna matata.

Simba has spoken!!


dantee2005 33

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If only there was a button for that...

I bet they still found it funny eh, mission accomplished!

That's what you deserve for getting your cat hit by a ceiling fan last time!

addioty 19

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? *cue background singers* Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault! (It's the OP's)

SumBur 11

Hakuna matata.

Wizardo 33

Exactly, don't worry its just the Circle of Life.

SumBur 11

You can either run from it or learn from it.

rudegirlmania 10

Exactly! At least the fan wasn't turned on

\ 28

That's a... ahem, wonderful situation.

slimy, but satisfying :p

What a wonderful phrase

Simba has spoken!!

omgitsmoe 26


imtooshy 18

When you act like shit, you get treated like shit. Even if your cat didn't respond in such a way, doing that doesn't make you look cool, only makes you look like a fool.

You sound like the life of the party.

imtooshy 18

I'm someone that cares about animals!

#5- I know! Every time I see someone lift a baby over their head and go 'Weeeee!' I call social services on them. Then again, they're just babies... Cats need more careful care than babies, am I right?

36, most parents I know do that to make their baby's laugh/happy. I wouldn't say calling social services on them is necessary, the parents are just playing with their kids.

#40 Sarcasm isn't for everyone, is it.

Every party needs a pooper that's why we invited him.

\ 28

animals seem to be given more attention than humans are. and animals can't pay taxes or go to college.

Jelbeztok 17

25 he wasn't hurting the cat, he just held it in the air..

BreynHope 11


"Trying to be funny" well mission accomplished!

gameofthrones_fml 12

There should be a category for every FML that starts with the OP stating that they were "trying to be funny" or "trying to be cool"

@65, there is a category for that! It's the "flop" tag.

challan 19

The circle of digestion.

The words catastrophe, kitten me, paws, mew, meow, feline, purrfect will now follow in typical variations.

TheDrifter 23

You've got to be kitten. Let's paws a meow-ment and think. I'm feline like that sort of comment would be a purrrfect cat-astrophe as over played as my favorite ball of string. What do mew think?

I think I want to catapult you into the air and shoot you with a catling gun. Then float your corpse out to sea on a catamaran.

Just kitten. Kind of

graceinsheepwear 33

Well 50, it's a good story, and I always enjoy a nice fluffy tail like that.

jw90 18

Hey it was still funny. So yea..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

#10 is true everybody thumbs him up because most of the votes SAID that he deserves it.

He proceeded to shit on your head to give you your Brown Crown and make you the Lion King.

You have opened pandoras box by humiliating your cat like that. If it decides to hold a grudge, and it probably will, you should start praying for your soul. There is no wrath like that of a scorned cat!

TheDrifter 23

Hear, hear. Kittens of the world unite. Rise up against the rough handling giants that infest your houses and drive them far from your lands, past the litter box and across the asphalt ocean.