By dck128 - 29/08/2011 22:05 - United States

Today, I was fired because a 10-year-old shat his pants and couldn't follow directions. FML
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kinda wondering what line of work you're in after this...

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Legoland apparently they frown on using shit as mortar for the Lego bricks...

& that got you fired how? Pedo bear?!

Did the kid proceed to tell his father that you touched him in his happysacks after you scolded him for pooping himself?

I'm very interested in the whole story.. I'm sure there is a silent film to be made of this.

50, that would make the kid OP mentioned very dumb, still being in first grade at the age of 10.

54, well he did shit his pants and couldnt follow directions, so he might be very dumb ^^ who knows

::WARNING: RELIGIOUS BASED ARGUMENT IMMINENT:: THREAT LEVEL 8500:: The troll-o-meter is nearing 9000!!!

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And wait for the 200+ thumbs up.

29- that's too funny. Cleveland and brians girlfriend! Love it

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And "thegoodlife101" Knocks that muf**ker right out of the park Lmao

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Well it sucks you got fired but I'd try and make sure the kids okay. An event like cramping your pants in public is pretty embarrassing.

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Sorry meant craping. Apparently iphone replaces it with cramping

What you've never had a cramp in your pants? Lucky that shit sucks.

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For future refence so your iPhone doesn't correct you, it's spelled "crapping."

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For future reference when you correct someone it's "reference".

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Mr sprinkles those may very well be the biggest **** I've ever seen on an Asian girl

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For future reference, my bizzle.

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Well..That's A Dumb Reason. Lol But Seriously Sorry:pp

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What Is The Point Of Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word?

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haha it seems everyone on every FML is gonna make fun of the way you type

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No it's not. Nikes suck. Adidas all the way! ( I'm so gonna get thumbed down for this )

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DCs are an under appreciated brand. They're not very great

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it's a shame he isn't potty trained if he was your issue would've been just a little less frustrating.

I'm betting OP is a teacher who denied the kid a washroom break because he was acting disruptive.

No, you were probably fired because you didn't do what you were supposed to do in this situation. Obviously, you're supposed to beat the kid. Duh.

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I think you were sent here to test *my* faith, dude.

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yes. dinosaurs. dinosaurs everywhere.

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Where the hell do you work??

He was a member of my SWAT team. We parachuted into a hostage situation and he screamed at the kid to hit the deck as he fired off a few rounds. Unfortunately the stun grenade had done it's work and the kid froze and got the bad guy's brains splattered all over him. Everyone's pretty sure he had crapped his pants about 5 minutes *before* he was taken hostage, but we are all being nice and going along with the story of him being "scared".