By bastards - 05/06/2014 20:05 - Netherlands - Den Haag

Today, I babysat the brattiest and most foul-mouthed 8-year-old I've ever met. After I survived three hours of it, his parents finally came home. He claimed I'd invited a boy over and that we did "stuff" on the couch all evening. They believed him. I didn't get paid, to say the least. FML
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Since you aren't getting paid I would tell the parents how he acted and tell them how much of a brat he is. You might as well enjoy something from this.

He acts like a brat since parents always take his side. My advice never baby sit for them again and spread the word around so they can't get another sitter.


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i CANNOT stand bratty kids, or the parents who let them act in horrible ways. im sorry that happened, but maybe call them in a couple days and explain the situation. good luck.

#68, "Wicked" is another synonym for "evil".

How do over 800 people think she deserved what happened?? I mean truthfully, please someone who says she deserved it, tell me why you think she deserved it.

I think a large % of those people accidentally hit the wrong button. Either that or they are mean. :-0

Sorry over 600 not 800. But still. Can anyone please explain to me why you think she deserves it?

Shut up. Someone did just explain it.

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Made from the best "stuff" on earth...

@#81. Did no one get the Once Upon a Time reference?

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Ok, maybe she deserved it for not standing up for herself and making sure she got paid. In my opinion it's a definite ydi.

It was probably that bratty kid who told everybody that she did naughty things That got everybody else to do it.

This is like something Eric cartman would do

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How does an 8 year old even know what "stuff" is?

This generation today never ceases to amaze me.

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lots of kids know about "stuff". It doesn't always mean bad parenting. I remember when I was small I asked and I was told. I think it's safe to say I ended up well. However, in this case maybe it is bad parenting if the kid has a bad mouth and is a liar.

are you kidding? It's not a big deal to know about sex and "stuff" at 8. They don't know the details, but they can understand that it's something people like to keep to themselves and not talk about.

I was very sheltered ...I didn't know anything about sexual stuff until I was about 15

More originality, #4 - you're on a roll.

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There ain't nothin to it, gangsta rap made him do it*

Are we not taking the school bus into account here?

#46 isn't alone. I had to explain to my best friend what her period was, and what little I knew about sex, when we were both 16. She thought she was dying. Her mom still has never talked about it with her, and she's 20.I'm not sure how it happens, but there are people who manage to go that long without learning the facts of life.

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coulda just happened. i walked in on my parents when i was like 6 or 7 and my mom explained a little

The only way I learned about sex was from the internet (and a bit from school, but not really). My parents have never spoken a word to me about sex or anything and I don't think they ever will. I guess some parents are just like that.

No, they had me in a Christian school for the longest time-_- @50

@4 you know every generation has their problems. People (old and young) have got to quit acting like they are the generation that is free of fault.

Everyone knew what stuff was when they where 4

I was told at 9 my sister at 11. I need to be told then cause otherwise I would have thought I was dying. Some kids hit puberty really early. I was watching 60 minutes one day on the tv and the story was of three 11 yr olds pregnant in the one school! I am not at all surprised that an 8 year old knows about stuff. They all learn it from each other at school and most cases come home and ask it or they google it ( and before any one judges me, I don't know any kid anymore who doesn't either have a tablet of some sort or a mobile under the age of 8!)

I feel you. I've babysat some serious brats but usually the parents take my side. im sorry!:(

When they squeal in front of the babysitter is the tell. Most kids wouldn't feel comfortable with tattling in front of a stranger if they were telling the truth, especially when the stranger is about to leave.

Since you aren't getting paid I would tell the parents how he acted and tell them how much of a brat he is. You might as well enjoy something from this.

"Oh but my little angel would never act like a foul-mouthed little brat..." said every parent with a foul-mouthed little brat.

Since she isn't getting paid she should call the police. Verbal contracts are legally binding, they can't just refuse to pay.

No, my dear, you are thinking of written contracts. Verbal contracts are he/she said, and I'm sensing a 3 to 1 teamup.

Even still, if she has proof of her time being there, they usually can assume that the person was being payed.

Chances are he is like that because his parents always believe and let him do whatever he wants. It's very unlikely they'll believe OP, especially if she starts talking bad abut him after "he told on her". Well what comes around, goes around. Nothing says parents fail more than having raised a lying and ill-mannered brat.

He acts like a brat since parents always take his side. My advice never baby sit for them again and spread the word around so they can't get another sitter.

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It IS the age of the internet. A post to a few dozen friends to share around would quickly get the word out. "If you babysit or your friends babysit in (name of town) please forward this on! There is a kid named (first name only) on (name of street) that is a terrible brat to babysit. And when the parents get home, he'll lie and tell them you had a date over or something similar, so that the parents can refuse to pay you for your work. Pass this on so they can't take advantage of you and your friends, too! If you work for them, make them pay you first, in cash!" Teenage girls are great for sharing stuff like this. Don't give a last name of a minor or the specific address out to the world, but enough information to recognize the family if they try to hire someone? YES! The parents will find themselves without sitters quite soon. them to any babysitting agencies/groups/etc. in the area, too, so that they know not to send sitters there.

I was going to say the same thing. Pass the word around to all the teens in your area who may babysit. Let them know that the child is a foul-mouthed brat who will lie to his parents so they don't have to pay. You're probably not the only one who's gotten stiffed on a babysitting fee because of their little darling lying about the sitter having a boyfriend over. I, too, hope that very soon they find it very hard to find someone to watch their problem child. If they go to a professional agency, they're not going to put up with this bullshit.

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The type of parent that thinks their kid is an innocent little angel

Yes, but give it a few years and the kid/teen will be lying to them and they'll be so frustrate and upset. And like usual, they'll wonder how it is he got that way instead of looking at their poor parenting choices.

I'm sure they just didn't want to pay her so they took his side...

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The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

tell them what really happend? It's only a 8 year old...

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Some parents refuse to believe that their angels can possibly do anything wrong.