By Anonymous - 04/09/2015 01:30

Today, while making out in my car, the guy I was with decided it'd be a great idea to stick his tongue in my ear. He shoved it in so far that my ear still feels wet four hours later. FML
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Was his name Willy?

And some say chivalry is dead


Was his name Willy?

Well, that's gross

For me, licking my gf's ear (or my ear being licked by her) is a damn huge turn on :d just gotta keep your ears clean buddy ;)

For me too! I think it's very sexy. But yeah, preferably without too much spit involved.

Okay the outside of my ear is okay, but never the inside inside. I'd pretty much imagine ear wax on his tongue and stop kissing him. eugh. Yuck

Agreed. Yes it's attractive outside the ear, but if it's stuck inside her ear and it still feels wet hours later the thought gives me chills.

If done correctly, it can be a turn on, if done wrong it will still feel wet four hours later.

What I the world makes him think that's a good idea in any situation at all?

This is a turn on for some people.

Hopefully your ears were clean...

Well if they weren't, they are now

Well I hope he didn't lick your earwax out...

And some say chivalry is dead

Apparently he fancies himself a giant q-tip but didn't get the notice that you're not supposed to put those inside your ear.

Be very carful with a Q-tip, or take a shower it should help clear it out...

That's disgusting!

Did you just ignore the fact that it happened, or did you ask him why he thought that was a good idea?