Today, after coming back from work, I panicked as I noticed that my rabbit was having a hard time breathing. So I went straight to the vet. I paid 40€ for him to tell me that he had hiccups. FML

By Caramel - / Saturday 26 January 2013 11:19 / Serbia
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  stayydomii  |  21

It's not really being ripped off. An office visit is usually around 40, at my clinic it's 24 bucks. You pay to take the time out of the doctor's day to examine your pet and talk to them about any problem, and then they give you a suggestion about any treatment or to find a diagnosis, etc. It is always better safe than sorry. And veterinary medicine is so much more cheaper in price than human medicine but people always tend to complain about prices without realizing that their insurance pays for most of everything versus with pets people usually don't have insurance (and it's almost pointless to get some, unfortunately)

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

To be honest, I would do the same with any of my dogs. Yeah, it sucks that you spent money just to find out nothing was wrong, but rather that than wait and end up finding out something WAS. You're a good pet parent. Be proud of yourself.

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