By rachelllynne - 09/05/2013 17:44 - United Kingdom - Manchester

Today, the woman I babysat for blamed me for the cut on her son's face, and fired me with no pay for not looking after him properly. He already had the cut when I arrived. FML
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ttr125 10

If ignorance is bliss...that lady is in heaven


I love ops with sarcastic/pissed off names. I prefer this one to most because it gives me a new expression:)

Damian95 16

A tiny cut come on how pathetic of an excuse can you get?

No, not an idiot... A genius! She obviously knew her son had that cut on his face and hired a babysitter to watch him... When she came back she didn't want to pay so she blamed it on the sitter. And now we are here. How smart! In all serious though, that was rude of her. You never really know what stories comes from babysitting i guess!

maybe not so much. I read this as the Mother wanting free child care. So she picked something that, even if the OP was very very diligent, could have happened. Children run in to things often. So, I read it as the Mom seeing the mark before and knowing she could blame the babysitter for it later... thereby getting free child care

ttr125 10

If ignorance is bliss...that lady is in heaven

Unless of coarse she is pure evil. She may have cut her sons face on purpose so she could do this. She may even have done this before...

I once had a button that said "if ignorance is bliss you must be orgasmic"

rg350dx 29

Who? Who is the badass in this fml? The kid because he might have a facial scar? Because face scars DO make you look like a badass.

MrSarcasmic 10

"oh you look nervous. is it the scars? you wanna know how i got' em?"

Wealthyparrot 9

Demand pay up front, no refunds. Seriously, as someone who has done this type of work, people will find any reason not to pay.

This is why I only sit for people that I know won't try to get out of paying. And always talk about payment before you start so everyone knows what is expected!

While the mother has the absolute right to fire the babysitter, she has no right to refuse payment for services rendered. You did the work, she Must pay up. This is a case for small case court. You can even ask for punitive damages. You might even get them.

Oh thats great; now she can say OP attacked both her kid and her.

Next time you should point out anything like that before the parent leaves. " I noticed Timmy has a cut on his face; how did he get it and do I need to apply any Neosporin?"

I was thinking same thing.... Kind of like checking rental car before you drive it off lot. Ok not exactly the same

She's a female version of Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley will haunt her ass!

perdix 29

She probably cut the kid on purpose to get free babysitting from you. Diabolical! PS: Don't try to rent a car.

Damnit you be beat me to it, and why not rent a car?

perdix 29

#21, when you rent a car, you really should walk around it before you take it with the rental agent and point out existing damage, otherwise you'll get blamed for it and have to pay. The OP should have done a walk-around on the kid before the mom left.

OK sorry, was a bit slow on that one.

perdix 29

#46, no problem. You have to be 25 to rent a car in most places, so younger people can't be expected to know that. Just listen to the wisdom of the friendly, ol' silverbacks and you'll be ready when you achieve that milestone.

you can rent at 18 here in missouri, usa. you just have a higher payment and, I believe mandatory insurance through the rental company