By Lauren324 - 26/01/2013 07:18 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I told my boyfriend about my upcoming mouth surgery. He freaked out. Not because he's worried about me, but because I told him I will not be able to give him head for two weeks. FML
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Lauren324 tells us more.

Actually I've been with him for 3 years now... It's a mutual thing with us, we both pleasure each other like that equally, I think that's why he was bummed out. Usually it's everyday with us....

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csickcman 11

Women who date men like this continue to surprise me.. Why do you date this kind of a-hole?

That's a dick move, I fail to understand why people can be so un-tactfull.


well I beat hes headed for the dog house!

I beat you're headed to a buried comment.

oh well, bad joke. I though it was funny, I was wrong :P

How could you forsee the future? Guards! Guards! Arrest this commenter on account of witchcraft! Burn it! Burn the witch!

#26 I think you're just digging your grave deeper, buddy.

If your profile picture is a meme, chances are your comment won't be too popular.

Says the person who doesn't have a profile picture. EDIT: Replied to wrong comment.

Too bad you're waay grammatically incorrect.

That sucks... Too bad you can't. Hahaha

90- Because there's a button for that

SenselessPattern 12

It was awful. I don't want my eyes defiled by some guy's uncontrollable text-laughter spam, especially on the front page. Leave that shit on the 2nd page, where only the truly adventurous will ever make it that far.

klovemachine 24

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there :D Git-R-Done

That's a dick move, I fail to understand why people can be so un-tactfull.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

"Tactless"? Lol.

tylermt1999 17

39, Your profile picture and your comment made my my day

44 - If that made your day, you should probably go out more.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#39- They said "un-tactful." Which would be tactless.

#48 I was only correcting "tactfull". I wasn't asking to be thumbed down.

csickcman 11

Women who date men like this continue to surprise me.. Why do you date this kind of a-hole?

Because they'd rather be with someone than alone. Or they may not know that they're like that in the first place.

And apparently it's also not popular/common to take your time and get to know someone before you go down on them on a regular basis.

AbstraktThoughts 13

54: really? Cause...I actually try to get to know a girl before even asking her to be my girlfriend, let alone having sex with her.

feldco1 17

69- just cause you personally do that doesn't mean it's not uncommon.

Why is he an asshole? He probably wasn't worried about her surgery because its 2013 and dentists these days tend to be pretty good at what they do....

Oh Gawd! Not the blow jobs! NOT THE BLOWJOBS!!!

so does the name -_-

Just tell him you guys can have more sex?

Why should she give him more sex? He should be a little more sensitive that shes having surgery

Pretty sure there's going to be a recovery period when she has to, the guy sure as hell doesn't deserve sex. Or anything

Hey that's pretty horrible!

Grauncho 27

Thanks for your contribution, ya fuck.

This FML has such a polite, pleasant comment section.

Time to start Anal Month!!

No, it's time to breakup with the lad and find someone who actually cares savvy?

dhaworth93 8

the fact that you tried to say savvy and be jack both made me laugh an pissed me off because there's only one CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW mate

Oral sex makes my day Butt Anal sex makes my hole weak

Two out of three are in working order though right? Unless Aunt Flo is there.