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  FarSide  |  22

Well OP... perhaps if your little rugrat had not drawn a massive picture of your cock and balls poking his little butt, you could have explained it away.

  number0  |  8

Your kid already knows how to sing "What what (in the butt)!" Now you just need to buy him those fabulous pink slippers he has been dying to wear.

  juicedboi  |  7

-177 I have a bunch on sharpies here. Come make a masterpiece on my wall while I grab the whips and chains. Hmm, I wonder where I can find a gimp juggling midget.

  cimh  |  9

I agree! I think I got spanked about 3-5 times when I was a child (at least what I remember) and those things I made sure to never do again. When I got older my parents were safe to trust me not to do stupid things anymore...on the other hand my friends who always got the "cuddle-punishment" they did not - or still don't know - when to stop!


lol a spanking isn't child abuse, it's a small tap on the hand or behind that tells you not to do something again. Beating a child relentlessly IS child abuse though. Now not disciplining a child is child abuse too, because if they don't learn then it's the parents fault when they do something stupid (that gets them injured or killed)that they should have learned not to do a long time ago as a child. for dome kids pleasant talk is not enough. lol the approach is always different. And you'll never know til you actually have kids....

By  iheartbewbies  |  0

So how many inches was the object?

By  CrAzYyEt  |  8

Haha revenge is a bitch

By  PeachyJinx  |  7

Lmmfao! *dies*

By  gunmania0  |  12

Well which is worse? The face or the butt? 'Daddy made me take my punishment in the face!'