By ohcrap - 02/08/2011 04:58 - United States

Today, my son drew in Sharpie all over the wall, so I spanked him as punishment. When my boss came over for dinner, my son shouted, "Daddy made me take my punishment in the butt." FML
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StopDropNRoll 11

Sounds like a great conversation starter!

iknowimawesome 13

"He did the same to me."- OP's wife.


MizzErikaHart 8

that's hilarious!

I know and it had to be a Sharpie of all things lol

whybother8 0

Now your boss is gonna make u take your punishment up the butt..

Hope you enjoy your punishment in the butt - looks like you're going to jail!

That's a sticky situation! …No? Ok.

Well OP... perhaps if your little rugrat had not drawn a massive picture of your **** and balls poking his little butt, you could have explained it away.

YourEvilHero 12

somewhere pedobear is smiling

Just tell him "Haha, my so drew on the wall today so I spanked him" it's not like like your actually did anything wrong... Right..? >__>

MissFukMyLuck 0

too far 38. I at least found it a little offensive.

lyndz_20 8

That's just sick #38, you sound like a pedo

CattyPurry 0

sheesh OP, your son was just "Uncapping what's inside." :(

Your boss maybe now afraid of you ps OP don't be surprised if the FBI break down your door and arrest you for acts of pedophile

hahahaha yea ! lmao

Aha I actually laughed at this fml.:')

Awkward to the max!

TheHoboWerewolf 0

#9's comment = Win!

Your kid already knows how to sing "What what (in the butt)!" Now you just need to buy him those fabulous pink slippers he has been dying to wear.

highlandrabbit 1

haha. tht is a classic song. he shuld know it. haha

highlandrabbit 1

"what what in the butt"

highlandrabbit 1

He should know tht song. It is a classic. Haha

enonymous 8

Can I borrow the sharpie for a minute?... You may want to get your belt or hand ready... Maybe a nice paddle too

juicedboi 7

-177 I have a bunch on sharpies here. Come make a masterpiece on my wall while I grab the whips and chains. Hmm, I wonder where I can find a gimp juggling midget.

enonymous 8

198- he's on vacation for 3 weeks. You want Peggy. He's from Russia and has 3 peg legs... Guess which is the 3rd peg leg. His number is 867 5309

#135s comment = FAIL!

Does Peggy make you take punishment in the bum? I hope he used extra wood varnish on the 3rd one. I heard ass slivers aren't fun

Imrussian24 2

Thank you 209 for ruining that song for me forever...

sandi315 0

25 if u were never spanked as a child your spoiled. When my parents spanked me I usually never do what I did again.

enonymous 8

Cheddar I shivered his timbers with some mineral oil.

green_eggs_and_h 0

250-I was never a bratty child who required spanking, so I was never spanked either. Doesn't make me spoiled because my dad never slapped my ass...

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

boss: WHAT WHAT? kid: In the butt!

My_Name_Is_ 5

*gasp* Forshame!!!

cimh 9

I agree! I think I got spanked about 3-5 times when I was a child (at least what I remember) and those things I made sure to never do again. When I got older my parents were safe to trust me not to do stupid things anymore...on the other hand my friends who always got the "cuddle-punishment" they did not - or still don't know - when to stop!

AaronTkr 0

I'd like to give #1 punishment in the butt.

Child abuse is disgusting and people who hurt children to teach them should just go curl up and die.

lol a spanking isn't child abuse, it's a small tap on the hand or behind that tells you not to do something again. Beating a child relentlessly IS child abuse though. Now not disciplining a child is child abuse too, because if they don't learn then it's the parents fault when they do something stupid (that gets them injured or killed)that they should have learned not to do a long time ago as a child. for dome kids pleasant talk is not enough. lol the approach is always different. And you'll never know til you actually have kids....

Having worked extensively with kids, I favor the more useful methods of 'don't leave small children unsupervised with crayons or markers'. It actually works, whereas spankings just make kids aggressive and sneaky, statistically speaking.

StopDropNRoll 11

Sounds like a great conversation starter!

What what in the butt!!

Facebook these days....

msg me bk wi answers pls...u said u will. ps.. 4got fml

What's Facebook got to do with this?

conversation about shrek. would be true

Gotta love kids.

iSitt 0

your boss secretly envies your willingness to spank yur kid.

#3 I totally agree!

Thats why I won't have any. The little ***** just cost me time and money.

You have some explaining to do lol

So how many inches was the object?

That Mario in your picture is quite ugly!

strainer04 8


reallytho3 11

U killed it...

Your an immature loser

PopRocks14 0

His picture does go along with his comment though..

Hahahahahahaha brutal joke

You mean his hand? Around 7 maybe?

209 dislikes and growing! New record? I think so.

tylersign 11

Nope. I've seen 1400 or so.

CrAzYyEt 8

Haha revenge is a bitch

Lmmfao! *dies*

gunmania0 12

Well which is worse? The face or the butt? 'Daddy made me take my punishment in the face!'

nixter5 18

butt, definitely.

Obviously in the butt douche.

why is that even a question it's obviously the butt. unless of course you don't get it, which is likely.

Actually, 150, I don't think YOU get it.

hellogoodbye1996 6

Everyone who thumbed 150 down didn get it.

I'm betting he/she doesn't XD wow!

ohshit1 0


iknowimawesome 13

"He did the same to me."- OP's wife.

Sun_Kissed18 25

awkward... there's no recovery for that

That's so funny, and cute at the same time!