By stick - 20/10/2009 16:05 - United States

Today, I learned that if you make fun of a man for walking with a cane, you'd better be ready for him to hit you with it. FML
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0515_dw_090084 0

Pretty sure this FML should be this way: Today, this asshole was making fun of me for walking with a cane. so i had to go out of my way to beat his ass with it. A very wasted 5 seconds. FML. karma my friend. ; ]


Reyo 2

I made fun of someone and had my ass handed to me. Someone feel sorry for me. ...dick

spiffles 0

I people do this just to try and see how many YDIs they can get??

Maybe they do it for YDIs, but if this guy really wants us to feel sorry, then hopefully he dies a horrible death. Maybe he will break his leg and have Aslan run over to him and gobble him up :) _________________________________

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JFry 0

And have them run you down? Oh yeah, thats a great idea Einstein

What the hell did you expect op? for him just take it?

plutosaplanet 0

YDI nothing else needs to be said

Agreed. The OP is such a dumbass. I'd beat him with the cane too.

Saccharide 0

I'd like to thank the OP for reminding me that, in addition to all the truly crucial problems we already have in society, we still have fucktards like you who make me abandon all hope of a truly united, tolerant nation. What the hell is wrong with you? Making fun of a disabled man? How would you like it if someone came up to you and made fun of your age, gender, weight, height, appearance, race or sexual preference? You people are the worst. Have we learned nothing from World War II? Would you like it if I smacked your face because you have green eyes or red hair? Do you get off on making fun of people? I hope that he beat you over the head with his cane until you bled.

dudeitsdanny 9

Agreed with 67 I'm 19 and don't need a cane, but I'd buy one just to beat him with it.

I love you! I always think these things as I read and see the people on the internet, but figure it's not worth it and don't say anything, but I love when people voice this stuff. It needs to be said. We really should be at a point in time where people are people and that's that but unfortunately we are not...

Agreed. You pretty much said it all =] OP totally deserved it.

a_nix777 0

yeah you're pretty much an asshole.

Yeah today I learned that he was totally an asshole I agree with you #3

liveBabylon 0

You took the words right out of my mouth.. Wish they had a knife on the end of there cane.

Why would you make fun of someone for walking with a cane? That's pretty ****** up. YDI.

0515_dw_090084 0

Pretty sure this FML should be this way: Today, this asshole was making fun of me for walking with a cane. so i had to go out of my way to beat his ass with it. A very wasted 5 seconds. FML. karma my friend. ; ]

That's action and reaction. I'm pretty sure that's not karma

britches 0

I wish Dr.House was real, so he could find a way to humiliate you worse in return. =P (Any HOUSE fans may recall that ignorant cop with the rectal thermometer! Haha!)

This. (I love you for the House reference.)

Was gonna make a House reference too ;)

2eyes1mouth 0

Just to play the devil's advocate, the guy might have had it coming. Just because someone has a handicap, they shouldn't use it as an excuse for being an asshole. Anyone see the House with the Canadian war vet, or Almost an Angle? However, OP, even if your insult was deserved, YDI for not being able to handle yourself against a guy with a stick. Pansy.

That's fair, but the OP didn't say he was just making fun of a man who was walking with a can. He said that he was making fun of a man FOR walking with a cane, and that should never be excused. If the man with the cane was being a douchebag and the OP is/was too degenerate to take the high road, than whatever - be a douchebag back, but there's no need to insult the guy's handicap, no matter what.

Totally what I was thinking too. ;) House approves of this message.

You ******* idiot. My uncle has MS that forces his to walk with a cane and will probably kill him in the next 10 years, and you think it's funny? It's too bad he didn't bash your ******* head open with it.

I'm sorry about ur uncle, and ur totally right about OP. =]

shibainu519 0

I'm sorry to hear that. :( OP: you are a ******* douchebag. I hope someone runs you over and forces you to use a cane. People like you need to get the **** off of the planet.

Sparkiee93 3

I'm sorry? You're expecting anything but YDI? Haha fag I hope he bruised you good.

While I agree that the OP is a dumbass, I fail to see how this makes him a "fag". You're just about as bad as him.