By Anonymous - 08/11/2010 18:16 - France

Today, I learned that everyone at college was calling me "Parallel Lines" because I've got an unibrow and an apparent hairiness over my mouth. By the way, I'm a girl. FML
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Don't whine about it. Fix it.

rpvia 0

your name must be helga


shanayney 0

im the one that started that

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rpvia 0

your name must be helga

KiddNYC1O 20

Move it, football head!

wax dat shot offfg

Get rid of your hairy lip and maybe they will just call you RAY. LOL.

Haha Algebraic comedy....never gets old.

Geomerty algrebra has nothing to do with this.

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Maybe you should stop focusing on algebra and more on English. Btw those comments did have to with algebra. start paying attention in school, bub. haaaha.

LOL @ 23's picture.

that's horrible OP. they should call you parallel for short. sounds better

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win for the hey Arnold reference

that made my day HA

Don't whine about it. Fix it.

You cant fix stupid

yes! OP do threading or waxing.. it may hurt the first time but the results are amazing!!

agreed! it's quite an easy fix

SunshineX7 17 how people act like there is no solution to some easy fixes.

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thats a good game!

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i have that same problem


If the face is that bad, the rest must be a real mess! Stop complaining and fix it.

Instead of sitting on here bitching, go wax/shave/tweeze that shit.

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Houston for the win

You seriously think you're going to get any sympathy after admitting that? Do something about it Sasquatch.

notsoluckypup 12

shave it like I do and ull be gd. then ull go to sk and they'll be all surprised and shit haha

Gd? Sk? Really? You actually take the time (and have the intelligence) to spell out "they'll" correctly, but you can't spell out "you'll" or "good" or "school?" Double you tee eff?

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uhh, ya, she's 4m LV. that's what they learn us in sk.

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Shave that shit, OP!!



ha.......ur funny ;)