By Anonymous - 27/07/2012 19:04 - Norway - Rakkestad

Today, my daughter proudly showed me her new tattoo sleeve, which is made up of an angry cupcake, hemp leaves, and a My Little Pony character. She's almost 30, still unemployed, and still lives in my home. I now have no hope of her ever becoming a productive member of society. FML
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I would kick her out of she's spending her money on tattoos and not saving for a place of her own.

ryguy83 2

Well... The cupcake does sound pretty cool


It's okay. Disappointments are gone and replaced with submissive acceptance. Family is still family =P

Family is family, but maybe a little tough love needs to be shown

Exactly--don't let her throw her life down the toilet!

Looks like OP does not know how many people have my little pony tatoos

1 - your emoticon ruined your comment for me.

Wtf...I wrote and submitted this fml and someone reworded the end and resubmitted it??? not happy!!!

would the moderaters do that? swear %100 I submitted a FML identical to this, so why is it up here completely reworded?? :(

JocelynKaulitz 28

How could she even afford tattoo sieves if she doesn't have a job? You sure you don't have a fault in it of you're the one paying for all that?

I'm curious if the OP's daughter has a trailer-trash name like "Tawnya."

103, I was thinking the same thing. She 30-year-old lady clearly has an enabler or two.

They live in Norway. I doubt her name is "something like Tawnya"...

It's Norway you idiot. We all know it's something like Inga or... Stålbarm.


#141 I cannot see how "Tawnya" is a trailor trash name. That is my Mothers name. Watch what you say because you don't know who is reading. I don't see how you would think it would be okay if you labeled it a "trailor trash" name.

come on dude you shouldnt give up on your own daughter that easily. get her a job and tell her if she doesnt work you will kick her out.

Deadzombie 2

I don't think they should get her a job.... Just get her ass out. It's their fault she's still living at home anyway.

Exactly! If OP's daughter spent all that time looking for a reputable tattoo artist, then she should be able to look at the newspaper for job listings. Even if it means working at a Norwegian Wal-Mart.

It's not her mum's responsibility to get her a job. She's almost 30.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Why should her parents get her a job? Got my first one at myself :P

nerdywhiteguy 4

It's here responsibility kick her out she's a free loader

mduffy08 8

Eh eh eh... Eh... I can't help it... It's her responsibility**

#20 we don't have wal-marts in Norway, but we have IKEA!

zuzupetalsYO 11

How do you get someone a job? "Will you hire my worthless daughter?" Kick her out.

ryguy83 2

Well... The cupcake does sound pretty cool

I wonder why the cupcake was angry... Maybe he wanted to be chocolate, but they made him vanilla! OH THE HUMANITY!

CutieFail 0

It was angry because she put it with hemp. It doesn't want to put up with that kind of stuff.

She should have giving it fangs and bat wings!

Op's daughter sounds like Step Brothers movie ordeal

Weed isn't as bad as people think, unless it's synthetic

I think the hemp signifies that the cupcakes are baked. The pony ensures that they are baked with friendship.

You saw the video before reading the the fic? The videos don't do it justice.

Angry cupcakes say "I am ready for a professional job" =D.. Or is it the opposite?

It would probably be an adorable tattoo if it wasn't for the hemp leaves.

I would kick her out of she's spending her money on tattoos and not saving for a place of her own.

Amen. What the hell kind of parent would put up with that behavior?

DarthCory 7

I'm curious as to how she has money to begin with if she's 30 and unemployed.

syley 5

45) the ones that give up on their children 51) mummy and daddy of course Given these two conclusions I think op may have spoiled his daughter. If so ydi, if not then wtf happened?!?!?

It's harder than you think kicking your child out especially when they're hopeless like this

unknown_user5566 26

The almost 30 and still unemployed bit matches up with your prediction that she will continue to be an unproductive member of society. However, the tattoo really has nothing to do with it, and it makes you seem very judgemental. Tattoos can be covered up when needed, so I don't see why that's such a big deal. On a side note, if she is making no progress to be an adult and move on with her life, try and help her out (if you aren't already) with finding a job. It's tough out there right now. Be supportive but firm, and hopefully that'll give her some motivation.

By the sound ofte FML, I'd say op complains about her priorities, not the tattoo itself. In Norway it's frikking excpencive to get tattooes, as a sleeve can easilly cost £1000 and up. I've left many £ in a few tattoo parlors over there, so know the rough prices. I mean, who with a sence of self would go get tattooed instead of getting an own place with income? (not taking in count that she's on welfare as you get loads to be unemployed)

Fact is, you will get harder to get a job because of your tattoos, trust me I know. And I think the mothers point here was that her daughter don't really think before acting. Not that her tattoos was "childish" but that she's focusing more on getting inked than getting her life started.

I think it's the fact that she has an angry cupcake, hemp leaf and my little pony sleeve that is relevant, not tattoos in general. Even though they CAN be covered I'd imagine a sleeve would be hard to completely cover saying as they usually cover the entire arm, and no employer for a good job is going to hire someone with pot permanently on their arm. I'm all for tattoos, but some are just plain stupid.

unknown_user5566 26

It could be about her priorities, that is definitely reasonable. However to me, it sounded like OP was disgusted by what the tattoo consisted of and therefore feels that his daughter will not be a decent member of society. I made that assumption based on how detailed the description was. But, I could be wrong. :) There are never enough details in the FMLs to make a truly educated guess as to what's going on.

MistaKrista 8

I don't think it makes him seem judgmental at all. Now if the tattoos had some meaning behind them, maybe her dad would be okay with them. I'm not her dad, so I could be very wrong, but it seems to me the only reason he commented on them is because of how stupid they are.

unknown_user5566 26

28- Another bit that makes him sound judgemental is him stating "now I have no hope..." which implies the tattoo was the deciding factor in her never amounting to anything. Don't get me wrong- I agree that money should be spent on more important things when you are an adult of that age and still living at home. I guess this FML was more personal for me because I've been told similar things after getting tattoos.

A7X_LoVeee 10

I agree with 28. Her sleeve sounds horrible and having one will just make it harder for her to find a job. :/

I find having tattoos doesn't effect ones ability to get a job at all. The fact the this girl got some really dumb tattoos, I would think it was cute if their was creativity with the tattoos.....

It doesn't mean OP is judging his daughter's choice of tattoo; I read it as he knew she would be judged by others. Having a hemp leaf and cartoons tattooed all over your arm could it make it very difficult to get hired in most fields.

mal2012 4

#5 after reading ur post all i have to say is , SHHHHH! Gurl.. Just dont comment. The woman is almost 30. Hard or not she had from age 15 TO 30 To find a job being that 15 yr olds can get them. An the tattoo is not what the MOTHER is mad about she is mad that with the LITTLE money chick had she got a tattoo! A POINTLESS crazy one... Maybe not in her eyes but in her mothers it is. So just stop... Ur comment was RIDIC!

mduffy08 8

Having a tattoo is one thing, I can understand maybe like a cross or a symbol of family. But permanently embedding meaningless bull shit into your arm at the age of 30 shows a lot about a person. Why the hell would an employer hire her with that sleeve of dumb ass tattoos?

tctheamazing 7

Ridic?? Is it so much effort to spell out ridiculous? Or did you just not know how to spell it? And why so many capitalized words 81?

How about we all agree it was just a fake tattoo sleeve that you slip on your arm and costs 3$

unknown_user5566 26

81- I am sorry you found my comment to be "ridic". I recognize that my viewpoint is not the popular one on this thread, and I am okay with that. However, there is no need to tell me not to comment simply because my opinion is different from yours. My comment, at the very least, was well written and didn't butcher the English language or use random SHOUTY CAPS. I also exhibited my ability to pay attention to detail as I noticed this FML was written by a man, not a woman. In other words, sorry "gurl", I will not be taking your advice to "just stop" anytime soon.

TheDrifter 23

As someone with two full sleeves, a full backpiece and scattered other tattoos I can say for certain... I'm not hiring a 30 year old with no work history and an arm covered in pot leaf tattoos. The chances I wouldn't be wasting my time training her range from laughable to nil.

Kyleekay- Your opinions are thought out, as you say, but the thoughts themselves – namely how OP sounds judgmental and given up on his daughter – are far too liberal at best, apathetic at worst. You almost completely ignore the tattoos in question, instead focusing on how you infer that the OP hates all tattoos. You also take the same egalitarian approach to child-rearing that leads to either destructive or generally unsuccessful lives. If the girl can't prioritize what's being inked into her very skin and having it actually MEAN something profound and explain a part of her life, then how could she possibly be able to prioritize how to spend money wisely or manage her time at work? If she hasn't learned any of those life lessons by the time she's 30, it's unlikely she ever will, short of a traumatic experience. Your suggestions are not unpopular for popularity's sake… just plain wrong.

the tattoo has everything to do with it. he can be as judgemental as he wants when it comes to her tattoos when she is 30 years old and still living with her dad. his daughter went out and spent a shit ton of money on something stupid that will also make it even harder to find a job if she's trying at all as it is. op should stop supporting her. then maybe she'd get her priorities straight.

winnerme123 8

She could get a job in a tattoo Parlor. Problem solved.

mduffy08 8

129 - So she can draw dumbass things on other people too? Hell let's do it!

unknown_user5566 26

117- I never implied that I thought OP has given up on his daughter, and my comment is certainly not apathetic. Apathy implies indifference. If I was indifferent about the FML I would have no strong feelings towards it either way. I also never stated that I think OP hates all tattoos. MY interpretation of the FML led me to believe that OP felt the tattoo's design will lead her to be unsuccessful. Please take careful note of the "my" in that sentence, because it was simply my interpretation, and I am not saying everyone should agree with me on that. I agree with many of your points, and I appreciate that you obviously think before you speak/type. I do not agree with the implication that hasty thought processes for tattoos = unsuccessful lives, though. My husband has a tattoo that he got hastily and didn't put much thought into. Guess what? He's successful. The thought process behind a tattoo is not a solid predictor for future success. I do realize that the thought process behind a tattoo is similar to the thought process behind other decisions, but a bad tattoo does not seal her fate (which is, again, how I interpreted OP's feelings towards the tattoo). Also, maybe the ink DOES mean something to her. Just because it's a bit odd doesn't mean that it holds no value for her. Disagree with me all you want, as I mentioned, that's fine. I am fully aware of that possibility on this website, and this isn't the first time it's happened. However, you have no right to tell me that my opinion is "wrong". When it comes to opinions, different points of view are different, but never wrong.

TayonaC 10

I like how she continues to comment and is continuously thumbed down. Time to give up?

unknown_user5566 26

148- Give up on what, exactly? I am not trying to convince anyone that my point of view is correct at this point. I'm simply standing my ground. Would you prefer that I be spineless and fake, and say something along the lines of "you're right guys! I don't know what my silly-self was thinking!"...? My opinions may not always be the same as everyone else's on this site, but I have always stood by my original viewpoint during a debate.

unknown_user5566 26

148- Give up on what, exactly? I am not trying to convince anyone that my point of view is correct at this point. I'm simply standing my ground. Would you prefer that I be spineless and fake, and say something along the lines of "you're right guys! I don't know what my silly-self was thinking!"...? My opinions may not always be the same as everyone else's on this site, but I have always stood by my original viewpoint during a debate.

unknown_user5566 26

Sorry for the multiple posts.

saxetsasnak 5

I find it funny when people write full paragraphs in comments on this site to argue their point

mduffy08 8

Kaylee, I'm not going to go into paragraphs, because this FML is extremely simple. OP thinks his daughter is going to fail because his daughter has a tattoo sleeve of POINTLESS DRAWINGS.

mduffy08 8

And the fact that maybe she's thirty, living with her parents, unemployed.

I don't think op cares that she got a tattoo, it's probably the fact that 1) it's a rather immature tattoo to get at 30 2) she should be more concerned about finding a job before she gets huge tattoos. I mean, no job, but has money for a sleeve, how does that work?

145- Do you really think that a 30 year old living in her mom's house, with no job, covered in tattoos that are akin to what you might find on a sheet of fake tattoos at the local CVS, is really going to be successful with her life? You can point out the exceptions here and there, but you will almost never see the most successful people in society with tattoos. Why? Because nobody wants to hire somebody with an arm covered in tattoos fit for a teenager, let alone promote them to the point they can become well off. Again, yes there are exceptions, but take a look at % of white collar workers with tattoos and % of them without tattoos, and it's not even close.

unknown_user5566 26

167- In general, I am an optimistic person, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Even with my personal outlook, are the odds in her favor of being successful, based on where she's at in life? No. Did I ever claim they were? No. My original point, which seems to be lost in the debate, was that I personally felt that OP was being judgemental regarding the tattoo based on MY understanding of the story. Once again- that is MY opinion, and I don't expect anyone to agree. I have visible tattoos (and multiple piercings, for that matter) and I am sucessful, and I don't expect that to change. As I originally mentioned, tattoos can be covered when needed. If OP's daughter had to, she could wear long-sleeved shirts. There, problem solved. It's odd to me that you equate white collar work with success. Do you not feel that blue collar workers are successful? Regardless, I'd be interested to see those statistics. I'm not being an asshat with that question, promise. I'm always up to seeing proof that refutes my opinions; it's a part of the learning process.

A7X_LoVeee 10

170 - I don't think people are saying that one or a few tattoos ruin your chance of being successful. However, when you get a sleeve of stupid shit like OP did then chances are it will. Sure she could wear long sleeves for the rest of her life but do you really think she will? I don't based on what I read. Also I'm many visual tattoos do you have(if you don't mind me asking) ?

unknown_user5566 26

182- I don't mind at all. I have 3 visible tattoos. Granted they are not like the one in the story. My left wrist says Love Life, my right wrist says Be Brave, and I have a Stargazer Lily on my left foot.

I know it's so long I can't even thumbs it down!

I'm surprised that my pal Kyleekay is getting so many downvotes here; she's only trying to argue that people with tattoos are often judged unfairly. That's legit.

mduffy08 8

192 - Okay you keep skipping this part. In the FML, it clearly states a sleeve of meaningless retardation across OP's daughter's arm. And "your" opinion of him is that he simply doesn't like tattoos. Well this is FACT. We don't know know what OP thinks about tattoos, but we do know that OP thinks HIS daughter tattoos are quite idiotic. It says no-where that he doesn't like tattoos, but it clearly makes an objection to the tattoos that are dazzled across her arm, otherwise it wouldn't be a FML.

81, thought I'd inform you her Father posted it. Not her Mother. Other than that you have your own opinion and I will not comment on that ^_^

unknown_user5566 26

212- I've clearly dropped the debate. My last comment (192) which you replied to, was me answering someone's question about my own tattoos.

Bei I don't see why this has so many downvotes....I agree with this... Also, why would the MLP character be a bad thing? It's a good show. Fluttershy is best pony!

Let me guess, the pony is derpy? either way, just give her some incentive to get a job and a life. If you keep paying for everything she'll mooch of you for life.

slimshadey 5

I was gonna guess rainbow dash

Ponies are cool! Although that tattoo doesn't sound like a good idea in the long run, really.

Oh god, the My Little Pony henchmen are proliferating...

Akumie 6

Wait wait wait. One question that could decide just how bad this idea is. Which generation of ponies is it? :3

It better have been Ditzy Doo. Ima be pissed if it isn't.

krylonpony 3

Ain't no party like a pinkie pie party

You only think ponies are cool cause of your picture lol.

And I only have that picture because I think ponies are cool. Hop on the logic carousel, people!

I'm a girl and even I think that this whole pony fandom is ******* stupid. -.-

thats because it is entirely ******* stupid and made up of **** ups and rejects who have nothing better to do then obsess over a lil girls show targeted with demographic of ages 5 to 7

Hot Topic seems like a viable option to me.

DylansMomma 9

Your comment : Can't complain too much OP. You raised her.

I agree. You always have to laugh when people complain that their kids turn out to be losers. Who raised that loser???