By Anonymous / Saturday 17 October 2009 07:52 / United States
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By  Jewelofagal  |  2

Your response: "I'm not going to alter my living arrangements on the fly so it will be more convenient for you and your mistress to set up your love nest ASAP. It will take some time. You will need to be patient and remember that you're supposed to be my father and look out for my well-being. "

  harryman04  |  0

that's aliterate to absorb In one day. something similar happened to me except he excpected me to care about him. I don't give a tiny rat fuck about him. burn in hell Scott.

  Star9919  |  0

He's not going to buy him/her an apartment, genius. His/her father is kicking them out, and their mother.

I'm so sorry! Best of luck with your situation! I'd go tell him off if I were you.
:) Good luck

By  Peroxide  |  3

What's with the exactly midnight? Did your car also turn into a pumkin and you had to go work for your asshole sisters with 1 shoe missing?

Oh and if you're looking for a new apartment I hear that woman living in a shoe has a spare room.