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Today, my sister announced her pregnancy at my husband's funeral. FML
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It could be worse. He could've been the father? Maybe she was just trying to lighten the mood. Albeit poor timing

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No way you could've deserved this one.


It could be worse. He could've been the father? Maybe she was just trying to lighten the mood. Albeit poor timing

I bet everyone was a bit emotionally confused at that point. trying to decide on grieving or congratulating. But really.. I'm so so sorry for your loss, OP..

Very poor timing. I wonder if she lightened up the mood or just made everyone angry. I'm guessing the latter.

Really poor timing and respect from your sister on that. But i am sorry for your loss.

I bet she didn't get the congratulations and excitement she was wanting out of everyone...

As one life leaves, another life joins... My condolences towards OP, but now OP will have another beautiful soul joining OP's family. Maybe OP's sister was trying to bring up everyone's emotions. Again, I give my condolences, there is no worser feeling than losing the one you love so dearly, but life will go on. Life will throw curves at all of us, but it's our job to overcome these curves and become a more powerful soul.

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No way you could've deserved this one.

Some people will still find an excuse to press ydi

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OP *obviously* killed her husband on purpose to ruin everyones mood about her sister's pregnancy.

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That's so horrible. I am so sorry for your loss. Terrible timing and quite insensitive on her part.

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I don't understand how that could possibly lighten the mood. "Sorry your life sucks right now, but guess what? Mine's awesome!"

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The only thing I can think of IF she wasn't trolling for attention is she thought another life coming from a loss might help people feel better. It is flawed logic but the only one I can think of.

My husband and I found out I was pregnant the day his aunt was killed in a car accident. We flew in for her funeral and told his parents (privately) that I was pregnant just before we left. It did bring them joy in a difficult time. BUT I never would have announced to everyone at the funeral that I was pregnant, which is what it sounds like OP's sister did. We named our daughter after her great aunt. She has a very special guardian angel watching out for her. I hope OP's future niece or nephew will have the same.

What the..? How did your family react?

How did the OP react? That's just crazy. I could never imagine grieving the loss of a loved one and someone who should be grieving with me do that to me.

She thought this was a good idea how, exactly?

Maybe she thought everyone would take it as the cycle of life of something... A loved one passed away but another one is on the way? I don't know, but I'd like to give her the benefit of doubt. Maybe if it's a boy, she'll name it after the OP's husband as a good gesture.

20- I agree with you. After a loved one passes away, it can be comforting to know that a new life is beginning. My cousin found out she was pregnant shortly after the loss of her sister, and she named the baby after her. Our entire family felt blessed when my cousin's baby was born after suffering through a tragic loss.

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20, 42- Yes, but she could have at least asked for her sister's permission, don't you think? Or even waited until, at least, the next day. I mean come on, don't just surprise everyone at a funeral.

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Terrible timing on that. But at least she didn't say it was his.

I don't think it's completely bad timing, it could be seen as understanding death a little more: With death comes new life. That's how I see it. But I can see the other side of it too.

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The timing was bad, though. The funeral was to mourn for OP's husband, not to congratulate her sister's pregnancy. Maybe in a day or 2 after the funeral was over would it have been ok, but it was wrong of her to do so on a day to remember the husband

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What the... Did you punch your sister in her face?! You didn't deserve that

Yes, let's punch the pregnant woman in the face for making a misguided or poorly planned announcement. Bad timing is no reason to assault a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Sigh.

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Although violence isn't the answer here, I don't think punching a woman in the face counts as attacking her unborn baby.

While the unborn child is not directly hit when a woman is hit in the face, the shock/stress of the situation can cause undue stress to the child. Also, any number of things can go wrong in this situation... She could fall, suffer a complication (i.e. Seizure or loss of consciousness), etc which could cause negative effects to the unborn child. I hope that clears things up. I did not mean that the unborn child would be attacked or harmed directly.