By MistressSuzuka - 21/09/2012 00:05 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, I helped my friend, who is a slob, move out of my house. I found the source of the funky smell she's been complaining about, under her bed. It was her vibrator. I found it with my bare hands. I had to bleach my hands twice and I still don't feel clean. FML
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That's all kinds of nasty.

Hasn't she ever heard of cleaning the vibrator? Or using vagisil "down there"? That's really disgusting.


That's all kinds of nasty.

This couldn't get much more disgusting unless she used it in her back door as well.

1- Your comment made me think of Cleveland Brown saying, "Oh.... That's nasty." But seriously.... Cleaning is a good thing. Might not be fun to do. But it has to be done this is a golden example.... And is totally disgusting...

lottievaughn 5

Seriously, I gagged. I lived with this nasty chick once that screwed me over, so my mom came over and helped me pack up all my stuff and move it while chick was at work. We found THREE shoe boxes FULL of sex toys under the living room couch. Absolutely horrifying. My poor defiled couch. I almost feel OP's pain. Oof, I'm shuddering as I mentally recall all those ******......

There's nothing wrong with sex toys. OP's FML is that the vibrator wasn't clean... *far* from clean.

I'm curious how it managed to get so stinky...

68 I don't want to know how it got that bad. The sheer thought of someone walking around with a smelly cooch or bottom makes me cringe.

justonecomment 2

Duct tape it to her car!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Like a hood ornament!

This whole thing is ******* disgusting.

Oh Jesus Christ. That should be burned from your memory.

Along with the vibrator.

Sometimes you want to be part of Harry Potter...

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crazedsyco 15

agreed! it would be so nice to use the light, before you look.

kut17 11

Light them on fire. It's the only way.

If you're looking for something that obviously smell, wouldn't it be a good idea to use gloves? But then again who expects their friends to be nasty like that.

55- OP probably didn't/couldn't look under the bed before reaching under because it was probably dark so she reached her hand in and found it. That is so disgusting. How dirty was that thing that it made the whole room stink?

syley 5

"By fire be purged!"

Hasn't she ever heard of cleaning the vibrator? Or using vagisil "down there"? That's really disgusting.

just_dandy20 2

#5 vagisil has been proven to cause infections, so it actually wouldn't be a good idea to use that. Probably make it smell worse. More like she should go see a damn OBGYN for that awful stench!

After douching.... Refresh. After intimacy... Refresh.

I guess everyone is different "down there", but yeah I agree she should definitely get that checked out by a professional.

just_dandy20 2

#24 must be a man...doucheing? No educated young female, or any woman does that anymore. Lol and if they do, well most likely prone to all sorts of "down there infections".

just_dandy20 2

Lmfao sorry...I meant #23 lol 24 you're clearly female.

Yup I am a man. A quick check of my profile would give that away. However I was referring to that funny commercial about a product called "Refresh"

Its okay 23, I know that commercial too. Maybe only a male will remember it..

Umm... They sell special stuff to clean & sanitize those with after they are used. And keeping it on the floor?!? Gross!

patacus 14

31 obviously never saw that commercial. After a douche.... Refresh!

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^ shit I accidentally thumbed you up

I don't get why you would thumb her down? Vagina's not a bad word :) ({})

CoriCat 25

Some people, especially older ones, were taught never to say the word "******" so most people use slang words or other phrases to say it. Everyone thumbed it down because they were being very closed minded.

CoriCat 25

Well, if you would open your mind a little, you'd see that women used to be taught that the word "******" was dirty, and to never talk about their "private places" so a lot of people, especially older women, are very uncomfortable with the word, so they use slang or other phrases to acknowledge their vaginas and vulvas.

SApprentice 34

That's disgusting, I feel so sorry for you.

Ohmygod.. I feel sorry for you.. Had it been me, Id lit the thing on fire and told the "friend" to go ******* clean herself and then never talk to her again..

You'd never talk to her again? I agree it's really ******* gross but I wouldn't stop being her friend.

well, it's possible she herself IS clean, but depending on the material of the toy, it can smell on its own, but not cleaning it makes it smell even worse. but yeah....soooooo gross

Just...drop the thing in hydrochloric acid >_< Jesus i thought i was a slob until i read that!

Well, if you are a slob, just, stop beeing one.. Slobs are what drags the world down

SApprentice 34

15- *being, *drag

#15 no, people with spelling and grammar like yours are what is dragging the world down...

15- Slobs aren't always females with Satant's ***** under her bed you know.

agonydrum 7

15 tell you what I'll "just stop" being a slob, when you "just stop" being an idiot, because those are the people who really drag the world down

I just threw up a little. Keep washing your hands OP, eventually you'll feel clean again. Or maybe not :|

Comet_Candy 23

Until the skin is gone, OP will never be clean. Maybe not even then. She needs to be brainwashed of the mental images and memories.

Jesus Christ that is disgusting! Anyone who owns a vibrator, ***** or any sort of adult toy should know they need to be cleaned after each use. YUCK!

Ha Grody! She has more problems than being a slob if that smells that bad.