By Freechbear - 17/09/2011 17:21 - United States

Today, my ex girlfriend is sleeping over at my house. At some point while she was preparing to dump me, she became best friends with my sister. FML
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Chicks before dicks.

At least when you fight with your sister you can say "yeah well, I slept with your best friend!"


Chicks before dicks.

Is it your step sister ?? ;)

Chicks with dicks: the transvestite motto.

I hope she didn't have to listen to the music coming out of his room. Karaoking to "I'm all out of love" while crying is a sad sad thing to hear

sisters before misters =)

And now you're sisters going to know everything you did with her. You are officially screwed.

Dicks in chicks: The right way........motto

Bros before hoes..

Hoes for your bros^^

Bros inside of hoes?

39 - Number 1 rule of the Bro Code: Dont talk about the Bro Code!

65- Im a girl. I just heard that expression somewhere and said it.

^^^^^ and that's why the #1 rule should never be broken.

Try to drug her and make her forget...

You have experience in this. . .?

HowAreYouToday 34

I worry about the people on this site

I'm a fairly 'worrying' person in real life, and I worry about some of the people on this site. Not in a "I hope they're ok" way either.

Yeah, because that's really classy...

And then when she remembers you drugging her spend the rest of your life in prison! Good plan.

63 - unfortunately the kiddies have been exposed to worse on this site... shit I'd even go as far to say off this site as well.

Well that's going to be akward ...

Awkward like your spelling?

^ don't be a bitch.

#3 Your hot!

30, Go screw yourself man Don't be such a jackass

Wow people rag on peoples spelling all the time but I've never heard names thrown around because of it. Little harsh don't ya think?

TorturedXeno 27

My ex-GF practically lived in my sister's room for two to two-and-a-half months this summer. I seriously hated it. And my parents (especially my mom) allowed it to continue. What did my ex do to repay my mom's generosity? Snuck out to booze parties with my underaged sister multiple times and smoked in my mom's car whenever she borrowed it. Fucking bitch. Has no decency.

plus the ex is a bitch

It's settled, u have to go for ur ex's sister

or brother.. this couldve changed him :P

Of course not necessarily. She said "could" as in, it's possible.

Unless her sister is 3, then that's just sick.

What if she has a 5 yr old bro?!?!?!?

Revenge is revenge

I guess that proves that it's your sister's fault she broke up with you.

Not necessarily.

It appears a cunt punt is in order

I can't concentrate after seeing that pic.

It appears a cunt punt is in order

At least when you fight with your sister you can say "yeah well, I slept with your best friend!"