By Freechbear - 17/09/2011 17:21 - United States

Today, my ex girlfriend is sleeping over at my house. At some point while she was preparing to dump me, she became best friends with my sister. FML
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At least when you fight with your sister you can say "yeah well, I slept with your best friend!"


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Chicks with dicks: the transvestite motto.

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I hope she didn't have to listen to the music coming out of his room. Karaoking to "I'm all out of love" while crying is a sad sad thing to hear

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And now you're sisters going to know everything you did with her. You are officially screwed.

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Dicks in chicks: The right way........motto

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39 - Number 1 rule of the Bro Code: Dont talk about the Bro Code!

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65- Im a girl. I just heard that expression somewhere and said it.

^^^^^ and that's why the #1 rule should never be broken.

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You have experience in this. . .?

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I worry about the people on this site

I'm a fairly 'worrying' person in real life, and I worry about some of the people on this site. Not in a "I hope they're ok" way either.

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Yeah, because that's really classy...

And then when she remembers you drugging her spend the rest of your life in prison! Good plan.

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63 - unfortunately the kiddies have been exposed to worse on this site... shit I'd even go as far to say off this site as well.

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30, Go screw yourself man Don't be such a jackass

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Wow people rag on peoples spelling all the time but I've never heard names thrown around because of it. Little harsh don't ya think?

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It's settled, u have to go for ur ex's sister

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or brother.. this couldve changed him :P

Of course not necessarily. She said "could" as in, it's possible.

Unless her sister is 3, then that's just sick.

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I can't concentrate after seeing that pic.

At least when you fight with your sister you can say "yeah well, I slept with your best friend!"