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Today, while at a red light, a guy in a tux and sunglasses doing the Gangnam Style passed over the crossing, followed by a man with a video camera. This isn't the first time I've stopped for people doing a Gangnam Style parody. FML
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Im going to agree here. I'm probably in the minrity here but I'm getting pretty damn sick of Gangnam Style; Had a good chuckle at first, but then it was all horse-dancing down hill from there.


mynamesnoah 6
AbstraktThoughts 13

Why are you complaining? It's gangnam style! Plus you're at a red light anyway so you might as well kick back and enjoy the show!

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

It's all fun and games until someone mistakenly doesn't stop and someone gets run over.

"Mistakenly"? If I saw that crap happening it'd be more of a mistake to stop for the light and let it continue.

Hey that's the first time that's happened to me ... Well now I know what not to say on FML. Sorry FML team!

sean0206 5

Pretty sure you were stopped for the red light and not for the gangnam dancer

Or OP should have gangna hit the gas pedal real quick...

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Im going to agree here. I'm probably in the minrity here but I'm getting pretty damn sick of Gangnam Style; Had a good chuckle at first, but then it was all horse-dancing down hill from there.

If it WAS the real PSY there would be more half naked ladies:')

8- I have to agree. I'm sick of all of these idiots saying they've been K-pop fans all their lives. (Though some have been, the heavy majority just jumped headfirst onto the bandwagon when Gangnam Style hit YouTube.)

Lil Wayne? *shudders* Green Day all the way:') But no matter what you music taste, you have to admit pop music is catchy (although overplayed and annoying).

People are allowed to like whatever the **** they want to. Grow up. On another note, FYL OP for having to be held up because of people playing around.

Music is all based on someone's taste and just because it's different than yours doesn't mean it's bad.

redmane 21

27- They are also allowed to express an opinion about other music. You should snap out of it. Personally, I don't like pop, country or rap music but I'm not going to not express that just because someone else might get offended.

Are we really about to start another "NO IT DOESN'T!" "YES IT DOES!" debate? I hope not, so far it hasn't gotten there. Anyway, it's a matter of opinion. Although there is a difference between saying "I don't like pop" and "Pop music is terrible", they are both opinions. Suck it the **** up and stop all the whining. And 31, no it isn't the first time Doc has been thumbed down, and it won't be the last. We're all human here, don't think otherwise.

Way to judge all of pop music based on psy... Or even mainstream.

23- yes! Green day is absolutely amazing, I have seen a concert of theirs before^.^ but, I do have to agree that pop music sucks.

-37, "we're all human" says the machine. YOU DON'T FOOL ME.

It's people like 37 that make this site a lot more enjoyable by setting things straight and stopping debates from getting to stupid. But really anyone who has time to argue on Gangnam style or k-pop for that matter needs to find some stuff to do...

Psy sucks? And that's why he gets mad pussy right?

Here's a pre-emptive don't feed this ^ troll. I will say for everyone that pussy does not equal not sucking anyway.

Could this be classified as counter-culture?

You are correct, performers that suck can still get pussy. See: Wayne, Lil

Nobody wants an angry cat, ProffessionalTrol.

61-Though I understand what you meant by that, I would like to point out that angry cats can be ******* adorable.

I will admit to trolling slightly with my comment. Though I stand by what I said, I figured it would be a good gauge of FML users' musical preferences. What I'm seeing is very telling and very disturbing.

LiesAndMischief 4

69 - Doc, I enjoy pop and I am not ashamed. Just like I enjoy rap, country, rock, classical, techno, heavy metal, etc. I'm not picky when it comes to music, I'll listen to anything if I think it has a good tune.

"Pop" music is only called that because it is liked by a majority of people, so don't say such things, even if trying to troll. People have different music tastes and they should not be judged based on it.

Huh, a debate on FML over opinions. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!

77, I will re-iterate what many have said and what many will come to say. Which is to say that the music you claim has downgraded today is only that which you chose to listen to; you can listen to the myriad of over artists out there: radio, youtube, it's all at your finger tips if you want it. I assure you there is good things that are recent. It's up to you to look for it.

I hate to be the odd one out but who the **** is psy?

Doc getting thumbed down is pretty new. And I'm sick of people saying that their generation sucks(most of which comes from people the same age as me). 84's comment wholeheartedly. And 90, Google is your friend.

80- he didn't judge anyone. He just said pop music ******* sucks, how in any way, shape or form is that judging?

90 go on YouTube and search gangnam style

He didn't judge then explicitly, but saying that what they like ******* sucks does imply it. Oh, and antagonizes most of the population.

Kniggit - In no way did I judge anyone in any way. Everyone has the right to listen to and like whatever they want. I said pop music sucks because that's my opinion on it. That isn't judgmental at all. It just happens to be true. Oh yeah, bring on the thumbs, you pop music fans! :D

77- Don't forget the naked ladies. To have a smash hit, you need a techno beat that repeats over and over and naked ladies in the music video. Pop music can be good, but in my opinion, the music on the radio sucks. That's why I like siris radio, you don't have to listen to the bad radio music

Doc! I'm surprised at you, stooping to such levels! :o (For the record, I'm not a pop fan. Prog House for life!)


Doc, alright, I think I was being an ass. Still, I hope people don't say as much of these things.

Holy heart failure batman! Talk about a comment thread!

anyhow, i hate almost all pop, i think it lacks a lot, but I wish I had the time and the coin to go get a tux and dance like a 40 year old Asian guy in the street. If you ask me, we're really the ones missing out.

Doc- music is based on opinion and therefore a music genre being good or bad cant be a fact.

The only Pop music worth listening to is Alex Day. Anybody else and I agree with you, Doc.

Inediblepeaches 15

...I enjoy K Pop and J Rock.... *hides under a blanket* Please don't maul me ;_;

130, I didn't really think so, but I conceded because I don't listen to much of anything. I agree with 121. Been waiting patiently for the day when someone would call me a kniggit. Thanks. (

Trix_Disorder 20

I still can't believe Green Day was use as a counter-example for "bad" music. Surprised further that no one commented on it.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Only good music in my opinion (That is what everyone is saying right? This is what this entire thread is about, opinions?) is classical music. Nothing beats a good piano symphony such as Beethoven. I also thoroughly enjoy old music from the 50-80's. That's when music was at its prime. When everyone had a talented voice :). Now it's all auto-tune and repeated beats.

longchow 8

I don't know if Lil Wayne counts as pop music, but his "music" is definitely NOT catchy. Just very annoying

146 I can't lie, I do bump me some bone thugs and some 2 pac every now and again, But I agree with you on the 50's music. I can always get down on some Dion and Sam Cooke.

I think we should listen to music because the message through the song is meaningful (Gangnam style is just.. entertainment), but classical music doesn't even have lyrics. But then again, I don't listen to much in the first place.

149- for me, that's what I enjoy about classical music. To be able to close your eyes and picture what the music is trying to tell its audience without words... I think classical is beautiful and I believe it's a shame that other people don't see the beauty in it

I agreed and found this humous so I thumbed up you Doc.

Karalela44 15

I bet your mum doesn't love you

Holy shit! This is the first time I've seen Doc get thumbed down.

I just like music that pleases my ears. A strong bass beat, catchy rhymes and auto-tune accomplish this nicely. And hot girls and synchronized dancing with quickly-changing camera angles make for a nice music video. I know I'm shallow and I'm not as real as all you hard-core rock fans who prefer angry shouting for its superior meaning.

146- Hey now, you can't forget the flutes, clarinets, saxophones, violins, etc.

I like the song and pop music..... You deserve to be thumbed down 1000000 times.

VeeDoll13 8

Seriously? Did you not read the comments about people having different opinions?

gabe222 25

I think it's hilarious how people love the song when they only know what, maybe 6 words from it? For christs sake, that song is so sexually scandalous, I'm surprised the radio can even play it... Other language or not... Now i wait for the thumbs down :/

146, I agree with you time and time again.. Classical music speaks to you through the melody and tone.. U can tell when a song is sad and depressing, or upbeat and happy , or tense and suspenseful .. And yes, you can try to loosely understand what it is trying to say to you.. And I do bump some biggie and 2pac every now and again lol xD

193 - at first I considered not thumbing you down because of how good looking you are, but then I read the comments again and realized that this situation required me to think with my brain and not my junk. Hence the thumb down.

30- but I am allowed to personally believe rap is bad, because to me it is. Just because someone else likes it I am not going to think rap isn't incredibly shitty, means I think they have shitty taste in music, I don't really give a ****. People think I have shitty taste in music by liking metal and I understand why they think that, I just don't give a ****.

sarah17xx_fml 10

This is the first time I've seen Doc getting so many thumbs down. o.O

145 - well it's a damn sight better than Lil Wayne.

I doubt you were, 26. If you really were than it was a bad joke. And if you weren't and you were terribly thumbed down don't say you were kidding, go through with what music you like even if everyone knows its not so great.

Or like any other person ignore it if you dislike it and move on with your day.

Completely ignoring the fact that OP was in a vehicle and it might a) **** up traffic and b) ruin the video.

EHHHHHH SEXY LADY! If you can't beat em', join em' :')

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm not sure if you were going for a Queen reference or not but I got it haha. Jazz is such a good album by them haha.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

How am I getting thumbed down for mentioning Queen lol. Eh what am I thinking you guys listen to Gangnam, probably don't even know who Queen is..

Did you not see the Doc Bastard comment thread above? I pretty sure most of those people knew Queen. It was just a bad comment.

adamcichuttek 2

I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows who Queen is and you didn't understand that it's a Gangnam Style reference.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

"If you can't beat them, join them" is the chorus in a Queen song. Not exactly sure what song but it's off their album Jazz.

I didn't mean to reference Queen but whatever:') I do know and love Queen of course! Who the hell doesn't!

And if that doesn't work either, if you can't beat em', eat em'.


I did gangnam style once. I was riding a horse.


Thank you, 212. I've been trying to make a name for m'self 'roun' these here parts. Shamus_the_Witty's m'name. Remember it, if'n ya please.

The fact that it is so popular depresses me. Like the song about Air Force ones and your grill... FML for my kids growing up in this music era.

If I could thumb you up, I would. Multiple times.

citymayer 7

And people forget this, GOOD popular music is what sticks around for years , bad music is forgotten within weeks or months. You know all the good music from past "eras" bc it's GOOD.

perdix 29

#32, you can thumb up Alan all you want -- you just have to buy him dinner and a few drinks ;)

2 days ago she was seventeen and that would have been a pedo bear joke lol close one :) At 74 btw

Go Alan! We used to be able to thumb up (or down) the FML team I don't know why they don't allow it anymore but I totally agree with you Alan.

Hey Alan why's your leg in a boot in your pic? Too much partying?

And since we can't, you get all the thumbs.

It's a Korean song that got so popular, it's being played on American radio station. Love it or hate it, that is pretty damn impressive.

I must admit, I wish more KPop would come into the mainstream like this. ShiNEE and B2st anyone? :D No? Okay... :hides:

I am not trying to be like Stan.. I'm just saying Rihanna made a lot of money with 2 different songs that literally consisted of 3 words.

astralvagan 20

Hey sexy laaaady! I think that might be an awesome sight to see!

Im a bit over hearing the song everywhere and everybody talking about it... There has to be something better out there that people can obsess about.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

First it was it's some Korean pop song. I honestly don't know which one is worse. If gangnam stays as long as Twilight did we're all ******.

At least GS has a catchy beat and a dance move which has 10^100x more motion involved then Kristen Stewarts face.

Sounds like you live in a pretty hip place. Next time just pull over and join in.