By publicenemy - 15/09/2009 12:16 - United States

Today, I was first in line at a stoplight. After five minutes, with a line of cars behind me, the light was still red. People behind me started honking, so I decided to just go. Halfway across the way, I was greeted by a camera flash. Nobody else went. FML
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You are dumb. You should have your license taken away. Its a red light you dont go on red.

YDI for giving in to peer pressure


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they were honking because the light was taking a long time, not because they wanted you to get out of their way. use your head, man. and have a little patience.

peer pressure ownage

#86 Yeah, because honking at a red light is totally gonna make it green... I hate people who do this. Sorry OP.

You are dumb. You should have your license taken away. Its a red light you dont go on red.

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Relax feminazi

Relax, don't do it.

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Wow, that was supposed to be a reply to a COMPLETELY different comment, weird......

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I wouldn't blame it on male drivers, because we all know where that argument is going to go. I think the OP just has little driving experience and doesn't know how a stop light functions, and lots of impatient people believe that blowing their horn is the answer to everything.

So you're gonna sit there until armageddon if the light is totally broke and just stays red? 5 mins is broke to me. Broken stop lights are treated as stop-signs.

Actually, there are a couple in my county that last literally 5 minutes. One lasts 7 minutes. I've been at them and had people honk, but I'd rather not get a ticket/cause an accident because someone's honking. I stay there and sometimes flip them off. If it's Armageddon, I'll run the light. It's not. It wasn't when the OP wrote it, either, unless they time traveled back to write this. Don't be stupid just because there are stupid people around you.

a friend of mine recently totaled her car because she hit someone who ran a red light. under most circumstances (such as this one), running a red light is a bad idea.

Broken lights are stop signs. Lights that are red are not (ostensibly) broken and are *not* so treated. At least not in my state. I've read the law that explicitly states that you will wait at a red light until such time as it turns or a policeman redirects you. If you think it's broken, call the cops to come and clear the traffic.

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he could have just made a right turn and either pulled a u turn or made a left into a parking lot followed by another right turn. It would be an easy and legal solution to that problem.

Fuck you're an idiot, OP. Jeez. Submitting to peer pressure, huh? Wanker.

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#67, the OP says "After five minutes, with a line of cars behind me....".

I love how #67 COMPLETELY DOESN'T READ THE FML and criticizes others because they actually read it.

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i don't get why people just honk at you, because they're stuck behind you at a red light...i mean, it's not your fault it's red, and the light certainly can't far as i know. but OP, it's still your fault.

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No he shouldn't get his license away! That is soo stupid! It sounds like the light was broke, it happened to my mom and I one night. All the people in the back switched lanes to go right (in the US you can go right on red).

Are you serious? Men are not better drivers than women! Why do you think our insurance is lower as teens? And what your relatives did is seriously fraud! I don't know where you live but in the US you have to pay it, whose car gets stolen 10 times? It's takes a picture of the license plate too. I think your a fake.

just because its your car doesnt mean youre driving it.

Are you high or do your parents pay for your insurance? Teens have the highest accident rate of any age group. I don't know where you're getting your information but I suspect it's from the gang of idiots at your lunch table.

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I know of traffic lights that can stay red for hours - they are triggered by sensors, and if you don't stop on/near that line, you can sit there forever. Doesn't mean the lights broken, just means the driver in front is too stupid to know where to stop at the light

#116: You should read her comment in context rather than just insulting her. She wasn't saying teens had lower rates (that would have been totally irrelevant). She was saying women were better drivers, as proven by the fact that when insuring teens, females have lower rates than males.

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In my personal experience, there are stages of life where the torch is passed from one gender to the other. In teens, neither are particularly good drivers, but guys do things to "be cool" and get in accidents. But with texting, teen girls are rapidly catching up. Mid-twenties on, I've encountered more good male drivers than female. But the poor driving by women I have observed are usually due to them driving vehicles that are too large for those particular women to control.

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there is no vehicle that a man can operate that is too large for a woman to operate. i would know. i'm a female, stand 5'2, and can safely operate semis with trailers, along with backhoes, skidloaders etc. how you drive depends on who taught you and how much you pay attention, not on which set of genitals you have...

Male Drivers? No, I'm pretty sure it's chicks who can't drive. Everyone knows that!

I LOVE how it says after 5 mins. maybe learn to not be douche next time?

If you want to go through life treating red lights like stop signs whenever you decide you've been waiting too long, expect to get a whole lot of tickets.

Unless your going right then you can

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So if you happen to pull up at a broken red light, you'll just sit there forever? I've had this happen before. I was in the far left turn lane, and there was enough traffic piled up that there was legitimately no way to get over into another lane. The lights would change green to allow people to go straight, and then go to red and signal cross traffic, but never allowed for a left turn. After the 9th time that the light circled the intersection and did not allow for the left turn, I waited for a break in the oncoming cars, and ran the red. At a certain point, you have to allow for common sense to outweigh the law, with the understanding that most cops and judges will be reasonable. Also understanding that if you are busted by a hard ass, you'll have to pay the fines anyway.

First off, women's insurance is cheaper because statistically women are better/safer drivers. Secondly, the OP does have to pay the ticket. He broke the law, it's his own damn fault. The photograph does prove that the car was there, and often can see who was driving in the photo as well. If not, then they will ask you to prove that you couldn't have possibly been there, this is called an alibi. Clearly the OP cannot provide an alibi, as he was the one driving and breaking the law. They do not 'have' to believe you, they have to enforce the law. Your sister and her husband are assholes who are consistently driving without due care and attention, and should be made to surrender their licenses. If they are found out, then their licenses will be revoked, rather than just have to pay the multitude of tickets. They are also committing fraud. But y'no, you can live with that attitude if you want, although don't be surprised if you end up in court.

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YDI for giving in to peer pressure

^ This. I'd rather have some random, moronic strangers be pissed at me then get myself, or someone else, killed. You're a ******* idiot. Shame on you.

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how dumb are you? unless if in california honking people behind you negates the red light in front of you, YDI. just be glad no one coming from the other side with a green light hit you

red means stopppp

that sucks

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There's a simple way around that. Just make a right, turn around, and make another right onto the road you wanted to be on. If it's one of those "no turn on red" intersections...can't help you there.

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No. I'ts not illegal. Or rather, no cop would ever dare try to give you a ticket for it because you could easily beat it in court [ "I thought I was supposed to go right, but then realized I should have made a left." would be a perfectly valid excuse, and there is no way to disprove it. No other illegal actions were taken, and there is no proof that your actions were taken to avoid the light. Case dismissed,] . No illegal actions were taken on the road. The fact that the maneuvers were used to avoid a red light is not going to cause any legal recourse. That law is used to avoid people turning into gas stations or stores that are on corners and going through the parking lots to avoid the red light. Only in those situations would it result in any attempt at legal recourse.

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I think he means u-turns are illegal, not pulling into some place to turn around. Driving through a parking lot to avoid a light is illegal, but if you already turned on to the next road, you aren't driving through to avoid a light

Get out, and sucker punch some sucka' behind you.