By AmberKCole - 08/07/2009 18:45 - United States

Today, the car in front of me was going slow and I flashed my lights and honked. I floored it and passed the car, flipping off the driver. Just as I went around the next corner I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. A few seconds later, the guy I flipped off drove by honked and waved. FML
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Someone_somewere 7

hahahahahahaha that's what you get YDI

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Someone_somewere 7

hahahahahahaha that's what you get YDI

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Ha I love the random detail that it was a MOTORCYCYCLE cop which adds nothing to the FML

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u guys are so ******* COOL. reply to the first comment so u can get to the top. i am saying this on behalf of the thousands of fml members, take a step back and literally **** YOUR OWN Face, k thanks.. and YDI

and #97 does it himself while saying bad thigns to the rest of the repliers. Fail. On the subject though, OP: you're stupid, be more patient. I'm sure that you'll get to your bar for your drinky-poo in time.

This isn't even an FML. This is just stupid. Remember when FML's weren't whiney or had YDI written all over them? Those were the days...

#97 has a valid point, and I believe he was replying to the idiots who reply to #1, that's why his/her post is that high up. So, the people who shot #97 down are actually fools. If you're that desperate to get your comment noticed, make a good one. Otherwise, stfu up and stay at the bottom

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I completely agree with 97. I downvote people who do that.

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I have a friend who drives like that. She's going to get pulled over and im going to laugh my ass off.

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Indeed it is. And LOL at the guy you flipped off honking and waving. That made my day.

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he's probably gonna go bone the librarians daughter;D

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thats why you don't speed, idiot.

Seriously... everybody knows speeding is illegal, but some do it anyway... everybody thinks it's okay to speed to pass someone... but the law states that even when passing a slower driver, the speed limit must not be exceeded.

#126, I guess you're just a reckless fool who doesn't realise what speeding can do. Learn the law.

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Hey there was a cop around when you need one.

Slow and steady wins the race, remember that asshole.

You're a dumb **** for having the name organizedchaos bitch.

AHHH i just LOVE when i see someone being an asshole on the road and a little while later i see them getting a ticket. SOOO SATISFYING :)

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Yeah, because the guy going super slow wasn't being an asshole? FYI you can get ticketed for going too slow also.

He might not have been going slow; everyone in Miami is convinced that driving the speed limit means that you're slow. It might be the same situation with this guy.

what the hell? are you one of those weirdos who think by driving we are harming the environment or something like that? dumb***... and OP, owned! lol