By Mortifiedcharityworker - 01/05/2014 20:10 - Austria

Today, I didn't pay enough attention while sending a music file to be used in a powerful video my class-mates and I made about the Syrian civil war. Instead of a moving classical track, viewers were shown graphic scenes of devastation to the tune of Gangnam Style. FML
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YDI for not listening to it first.

larrena2377 26

That's why you ALWAYS pay attention when you're doing important things...YDI


YDI for not listening to it first.

Maybe you should pay a little more attention next time... I wonder what your grade was because of that haha

YDI for still listening to gangnam style

I hardly ever press YDI on purpose, but it goes beyond me on this one, I can't imagine an excuse to agree that your life sucks. So much pain and disgrace, accompanied by Psy singing... tell us your grade on a follow up if you can ;) PS: instantly favorited!

I think that's awesome and I'd love to watch it!!!

lexiieeex3 32

57- You're sick.

incoherentrmblr 21

At least you didn't use any Metal, such as Megadeth, Slayer, Gwar, Cannibal Corpse, or Napalm Death...

Good lord, that. Proofread your work, or proof-listen, in this case. Please upload though.

larrena2377 26

That's why you ALWAYS pay attention when you're doing important things...YDI

PassiveAggresive 12

That's awful! But I have to say that situation must have been pretty funny (not the graphic scenes).

gabriellag96 12

Why do you still have gangnam style in the first place

That's horribly hilarious. But YDI for not checking!

Oppan Gangnam style!

Nope, nope, nope, nope, OP Gangnam style.

At least you admitted that you didn't pay enough attention.

Isn't that step one (admitting that you have a problem)?

At least you probably got the attention of the ones dozing off

Should have started dancing to it, play it off haha

cryssycakesx3 22

there's not much to do to play other off. unless it was about the Korean war.

I think that would have worsened the situation.

Tell them it's a Post-Moderist critique of the commodification of war.