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Who just takes a shit in the shower? That's nasty, I'd just wait for the toilet to be unoccupied instead of cleaning my own smelly shit from the shower, you can't wash all that down the drain you know.

  xxwafflez  |  0

ambee is a retard. there is only 1 bathroom. if OP is in that bathroom, then there is a toilet right there! why shit in tue shower when there would be a toilet in the room. -_-

  MyPupRox  |  2

u r all stupid, the point that 14 wasnt understanding is that its disgusting to shit in the shower while someone else is on the toilet cuz ur in the same room and only a few feet away watching each other shit

  itsgen  |  16

you are such a moron I feel like saying this one blond joke but it wouldn't be fair to the actual smart blonds
shitting in the shower ugh that's groosssss!

  wolflover44  |  5

60: 14 is the reason they make hair dye. So people won't have to be put in the same stupid group... I'm sad to share her hair color... Might go make an appointment to fix that. Oops, I'm being mean. Oh well...


I have a better idea: watch the food poisoning scene from Bridesmaids. We have two women barfing in a toilet, one having diarrhea in the sink, and another taking a shit in the street. This is a little harder because everyone is a "collective diarrhea fountain" and therefore you can't have two people using the toilet at once, but you can take 1's advice and use a couple buckets. I have faith in you, OP.


I have a better idea: watch the food poisoning scene from Bridesmaids. There are two women barfing in a toilet, another crapping in a sink, and a fourth shitting in the street. Seeing as you can't have two people sitting on the toilet at the same time, you'd need to improvise a bit, but you should watch that for inspiration.