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By Lauren - 12/10/2011 17:55 - United Kingdom

Today, I introduced my boyfriend to my family. It was going well until my 23 year-old sister started telling him in detail about her constipation, and that if she doesn't take a shit in a few days, it's going to come out of her mouth. FML
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Llamassss 21

At least you know he won't be attracted to your sister.

hamncheeseinit 6


Llamassss 21

At least you know he won't be attracted to your sister.

I'm sure in some countries this is a turn on.

Damn_Hippster 11

It's like that south park episode, stuff food in your ass and shit through your mouth. Your sister deserves a freaking medal or something!

Ide reach over and give her my pimp hand

If I was on your boyfriends place i woulnd't have taken it so seriously an would've laughed dun worry bout your sister you should care about your parents embarrasing you or screwing you up in any of the millions of possible ways

I'd say "I find this hard to ********** to," but really, who masturbates to FMLs anyways?

I found this fml rather difficult to ********** to

50 that sentence is complete with proper English. You just don't know English that well ;)

I did forget the period I guess I'm still used my old black Berry that always put one I

Why is it always the sisters? I mean, they're all sisters! Whyyyy?

You were trying to make a good impression on your boyfriend. Unfortunately, your sister didn't seem to give a shit.

enonymous 8

I knew women didn't poop but now I know why.. They just spew bullshit and human shit out their mouth... This answers everything and it wasn't 42

at least she didnt talk about your moments of constipation

dannnngthatsux 19

Oh I'm sure it was some sort of conversation starter.

Your sister trolled you pretty hard. It's ok though, when she has a guy over start talking about how you borrowed her leggings and got public lice.

could of just said "I think it already has come out of your mouth..." would of lightened the mood for your boyfriend, and embarrass your sister, if she wasn't already..

Decapitation 3

You can't poop out your mouth unless you shove food up your butt.

Yes you can. I'm a caregiver so I've worked in the medical field for years and I can tell you with certainty that if you are constipated long enough you will literally throw up your poo because it gets so backed up and has no where else to go. That's why if you are constipated for more than 4 days you should always go to the hospital to have your bowels dis impacted otherwise you'll either throw up poo, or worse somewhere along your digestive system could burst and fill up your insides with poo which can kill you.

Decapitation 3

Oh, I didn't know that. I was just making a south park reference.

Andr913 13

The term for being so constipated you vomit your shit is "copremesis." And yes it is real.

hamncheeseinit 6
kewlkate 9

Yeah, I'm sure she knows the true meaning of talking crap

Her mouth should be washed out with soap

christa953 12

I don't get how this could come up in conversation.

Let me show you an example: "Hi" "I'm constipated"

perdix 29

"Hi, nice to meet you. What's up?" "A turd. A turd is up my ass. A big, fat, old dry turd. At least one, maybe several. My colon is full of shit and it's about to back up into my intestines. So, what's new with you?"

Super_Jill_ 1

At least he won't be a cheating scumbag with your sister.

melikeyturtles 3

Bad decisions make good stories.

I found this quote on the Internet, it's my life moto.

Well that brings a whole new meaning to having a potty mouth...

BeautifulxChaos 9

Sounds to me like your sister needs to get that checked out. If he sticks around after that awkward conversation, he's a keeper. :)