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Today, I had a presentation in French class. I was so nervous, the first thing I said when I got up there was, "Hola." FML
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Everybody makes mistakes, what matters is your ability to play it off as a joke or make it work to your advantage.


the_enigma1019 1

Everybody makes mistakes, what matters is your ability to play it off as a joke or make it work to your advantage.

Hopefully she said something like "Hola... get it? Because this is a Spanish class, hahaha- hmhmm..."

I'm sure that he will be popular once people learn that he's a cunning linguist.

What do you call someone that speaks two languages? Bilingual What do you call someone that speaks three languages? Trilingual What do you call someone that speaks only one language? American

Way to stereotype. It's not the kids fault that our education system sucks.

Stalkerloo: Who is blaming the kids? It was just a joke, get your head out of your ass.

I think 13's joke flew over everyone's head. It was pretty clever compared to most FML puns, but because it takes thinking to get everyone will just say its fail or not funny. +1 for you 13 for being able to make a play on words that is not a cat/nazi reference.

I don't know about the others, but it was pretty obvious what he was getting at for me. I wouldn't say it flew over everyone's head: It's a pretty old play on words, kind of like that "cunning stunt" one. Nobody said it sucked so I don't know what you are getting at; maybe he's just getting thumbed down because it was an inappropriate time for it.

Actually there's a lot of Americans that are fluent in Spanish.

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#30, funny, except when I hear some of my fellow Americans speak, I think it's a bit of a stretch to give them credit for one ;)

Hey to be fair, Americans tend to know less languages unless that's their field of focus. I have cousins in Morocco who were forced to learn Arabic (obviously), Spanish, French, and English, and be fluent in them. And in Peru, my mom had to learn Spanish, English, and a third language (she picked German, but never got good at it). Honestly, it's not THAT much of an insult; a disability, sure. But the public schools I have had contact with tend to focus more on math and science instead of language and the arts.

44- Whoa dude. Jeez. I didn't get a joke, my bad. We all know that humor translates terribly through text, and it's my fault for not getting it, but there's no need to blow me into an oblivion.

Lol, I'm American and speak 4-ish languages (learning more), but I still don't mind the "monolingual American" jokes. I like the one that goes something like "The average German speaks 2.3 languages, the average Brit speaks 1.4 languages, and the average American speaks 0.7 languages." :P

Japan is a monolingual state. 'Murica isn't the only one there's more.

If you go to parts of Quebec and try and talk English there they might as well be monolingual as well. Some people are just ass holes who don't like people who don't speak their own tongue. I think it's so stupid to base a persons knowledge off of how many languages they know in a lot of situations. If you are a language major, then it is appropriate, but I'm going to be an engineer and haven't had time to study any languages. I am planning on learning Japanese mind you. I already have the Rosetta Stone for it, just not the time.

Well... If the rest of the presentation is in french, I'm sure you'll be fine

OP, just say "je te flup flee" like Joey did, you'll get away with it!

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Extreme props to you for making such an awesome reference. I though I was the only one who knew Friends this well :D

I loved that reference that's what I thought of as soon as I read the FML

I was just talking about this episode with my friend! Definitely best french reference ever... :)

"The guy on the tape said I was doing great!" Haha love that episode ^^

In the french version, Joey tries to speak spanish

Huh, that's pretty awesome, though I probably shouldn't be so surprised by this. In Germany, Dora teaches English, so Joey "speaking" Spanish in the French version makes sense.

Huh, that's pretty awesome, though I probably shouldn't be so surprised by this. In Germany, Dora teaches English, so Joey "speaking" Spanish in the French version makes sense.

#122 or anyone, does Dora teach any other languages?

I'd just play if off and make it seem like you were intentionally trying to be funny. I say this because I've dropped Spanish lines in French class before accidentally. Several times. Jajaja

J'habite près Mexico, alors je sais et utilise L'Espagnol tous les jours. There are hot Latinas in my French class lol.

Don't even bother trying in Italian class. The people in my class just use Spanish words because It's easier than trying to learn new ones and they're pretty much the same language with accents and spelling changes. *sigh*

7- You have the perfect username for the OP's situation.

Maybe you should of ended with "Arigato", just to add a little more flare.

Maybe you should've said hello in couple of other European languages and then start off with your presentation.

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I'm not sure if this is getting thumbed down because "Mexico isn't in Europe" by Americans who forget that Spain speaks Spanish too. I hope for my country that isn't the case.

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Note: this comment had at time of my previous comment negative "thumbs"

I'm not usually one to get annoyed at things like this, but it's pushed a button just now. Not all Americans are stupid. Yes, we have some really ******* idiotic people. Yes, we also have tv shows that only an ape would find amusing. This does not, though, mean we're all inbreed hicks trying to **** our cousins, drinking moonshine or failing at getting by third grade. Please, stop proliferating the stereotype. You know the FML community downs people's comments then ups them sporadically when FMLs are first posted. For the record, I'm first generation American from Cuban parents and have traveled Europe, so this is not one of those "America **** Yeah!" posts as much as an "Everyone has idiots, **** yeah." one. /end rant

That's all very well, every country has idiots. Can you please stop electing them?

It's not a bad idea to try several different languages to get out of the initial blunder.

Ahh don't worry about it OP, when I had to do French projects half of it was normally in English because I absolutely sucked at French... I think you're on a better track than I was by using two foreign languages haha.

Ahaha Bon travail. It's okay, I walk into my French class daily going "Hola Madame!"