You OK in there?

By stinkypants - 10/11/2011 03:15 - India

Today, I went to a dinner party. I had a bad stomach, so I made a dash to the bathroom and forgot to lock the door. While I was in, I heard some voices outside. In a panic, my reflex was to get up and lock the door. I did so, while simultaneously shitting all over myself. FML
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samiwammy 5

Trying to redecorate their bathroom?

nick347b 6

If someone makes one more shitty joke...


You all know that SOMEONE'S gotta say it... Must have been a shitty day for you :/

MrBoredGuy 1
enonymous 8

Curry does that to everyone. I shit myself just thinking about some Indian curry

1 someones got to say it, you know someones got to say it, *puts on sunglasses* you're a loser.

ImFrackinBored 13

Everyone prepare for a shit storm of bad puns... ...wait...

SystemofaBlink41 27

He should've locked the and shit down! (that was so horrible it lowered my self esteem)

roadie143 0

lock the door, before u take a dump.. simple mannerisms..

Mannerism: n. An exaggerated or affected adherence to a particular style or manner. Perhaps you were looking for a different word?

theten_fml 9

This might sound a bit crazy but it kinda seems to me like he was in a rush. When you're in rush, at times you don't think things through. Btw I think the word was "terrorism" haha!

you_freak 7

Desperate times... Sometimes the door can wait!

samiwammy 5

Trying to redecorate their bathroom?

Oh my god... there's shit everywhere... THERE'S SHIT EVERYWHERE! DAMMIT He shit on the windows! OH MY GOD!

Drummerboy1234 0

oh yeah 19, you are a clever one.

26- It's a reference from a movie nobody has probably seen. I guess I was asking for a response as such.

maddog_3610 1
Nightwing98 22

I got the reference and laughed 19

Do you not lock the door when you enter the bathroom..? Or is it just me.

Its just man OP said he didnt lock the door so no i dont think its just you.

Depends. If you're using the bathroom at someone's house, you don't need to lock the door - door closed = occupied, or at least don't go in there for a while. But if you're using a bathroom where it has one of those "occupied/vacant" signs on the locks... which is why I didn't vote for a FYL or a YDI on this one, because maybe he didn't need to lock the door. He never said whether he was in someone's house or in a restaurant.

sunlovinmama 1

He may have been in such a rush to make it to the toilet in time that he didn't lock the door when he normally would have

Locking the door is second nature to a rush or not...

Sounds like a shitty- nah I'm just kiddin ;)

nick347b 6

If someone makes one more shitty joke...

Why the **** do people even say what number 7 just said in my opinion its just as ******* annoying.

stacianichole 2

Not good at picking up on jokes, eh?

DarkMoon159 5

Since you are from India, it's especially gross.

DarkMoon159 5
CuteDumBlonde64 11

Oh NASTY!! >_< Thank you so much for putting that picture in my mind.....

Also try imagining the sound effects for that and the feel of the partially liquid diarrhea on your foot while walking back to the toilet