By pinky - 12/02/2010 05:13 - Australia

Today, when setting up for a rehearsal, my eldest teacher was standing next to me. My music teacher announces that it will be a tight fit and hard for everyone to fit in the area. The old teacher next to me leans over and whispers, "I'd like to fit in your tight area." FML
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you so need to report that!!!

There's a hell of a lot wrong with that. If she is underage they could and should lose their job and probably never teach again. If she is not it is still highly inappropriate sexual harassment.


you so need to report that!!!

you need to report that.. that sexual harassment.. and is a felony charge..

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Can't blame the guy fir taking advantage of a good set- up line. I'll bet he gets like five "that's what she said"s a day

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haha why so weird?

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There's a hell of a lot wrong with that. If she is underage they could and should lose their job and probably never teach again. If she is not it is still highly inappropriate sexual harassment.

tell him ur a tranny

just weird if it's true

agreed carrot top, agreed

You shouldve said, "Dude, I've got a boner"

u should certainly report that u don't want these kind of people working at a school

The comments on this page are a perfect example of how fucked up America is. Its stupid that just saying something once can get someone fired and completely fuck up their life. There's a huge difference between saying something and actually doing something. He basically said that you're hot (albeit in an unusual way) and that should be taken as a compliment. This guy shouldn't be fired or reported just because he hit on you. Just tell him that that makes you uncomfortable (assuming it does) and that you want him to stop. Obviously, if you tell him to stop and he doesn't, you should tell his superior and he should get in trouble for hitting on you after you asked him not to.

it is a big deal it's an innapropriet coment. how can she take it as a compliment? it's pererted and if my oldest teacher said that I'd be freaked out and want him gone.

snickerdoodels we still meet again >:)

aggree with 67

haha I'd report that haha

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i concur its not to often that u get a chance like that

I concur. that is totally inappropriate to say to someone 1/5 of his age.

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# 67 is a moron. hahaha when some creepy old man says "I'd like to fit in your tight area", that is creepy because it is AGAINST THE LAW for teachers and students to be in a relationship/or to fuck.. and it's illegal to sexually harass someone...

omg that's freaky.. you shud hve been lyk "no thanks but my grandmas single?" but really report that jackass

stfu you have no idea what you are talking about

And that's somehow an excuse to harass a student? F*** that! Report him.

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mayyybe he meant something else.

no, it depends in the age. 17-18 is the legal age. If she's under that age then it can be charged. So stereotypical to asume that every ignorant comment is made by Americans

are you fuckin serious? u leave a annoying ass come3nt oñ 3very fml. that was funny as hell i wouldnt report shit. quit3 trying to sound smart. hows my grammar biatch¿

ya you gotta admit it was funny!

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67 you're an idiot. first of all this is in australia. not America. and would do you really think that's an appropriate thing to say?it was obviously not wanted. I think that that just shows how messed up the rest of the world is.

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k kids, get your mind out of the gutters, you didn't know if he was talking about sitting next to her, or sex. 2. who gives a shit, it was a joke, that's the problem with you dumb bitches, you can show clevage, but god forbid someone comments on it, SEXUAL HARRASMENT!! bull shit, it's not sexual harrasment if your best friend, or gay guy comments on your boob, or makes a comment dangerously close to this.

Sexual Harrasment

lol good idea

agreed with #101 its actuall creepy, i would've ran away from him. O_O

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fake and gay

did it occurto you guys that she couldne in university?

exactly report that shit! pedooooophile.

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you twits that don't think this is sexual harassment deserve to have batteries shoved up yours

First off, no where does it say the teacher was "old", it says "eldest", which could mean that her teachers are between 25-30 years old and this teacher is 30. Nor does it say what her age is, so she could be around 18 or older. Its stupid to make assumptions and assume its the worse case scenario, that's she's under 15 and her teacher is 80 (I'm not assuming she's 18 and he's 30, just saying those could be the correct ages). Merriam-Webster's definition of sexual harassment is "uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature especially by a person in authority toward a subordinate". Keyword: "unwelcome" which means he wouldn't have known it was unwelcome unless he tried. Granted, the phrase he used wasn't the best phrase (possible one of the worse phrases he could have used), but the point still stands that if this was the first pass, its technically not harassment. If this wasn't the first pass at her or if he continued AFTER she declined him, then yes, it is sexual harassment. With what little information we're given (less than 300 characters), its impossible to know for sure whether or not this is sexual harassment or not. He said that he would "like" to fit in her tight area, not that he was gonna rape her or stalk her. I believe most of ya'll are putting words in his mouth and thinking that he meant that he wanted to rape her. Many times i've said "I'd like to have a Porsche", but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna go steal one or destroy a Porsche dealership because I can't afford one. And I'm not condoning his poorly chosen phrase, merely saying that its wrong to automatically say that it was sexual harassment based solely on one very biased account of what happened. Also, I meant that what is wrong with American, and most of the world, is that everyone has become very judgmental and harsh towards everyone else. You might say that he was harassing her, but just as much, almost every comment on this page is harassing him. @101, where in the fml does it say that the teacher is "old". At no point does it specify his age, it only says "eldest" which was probably used to make it seem worse that it actually was, assuming it isn't a fake fml anyway. @117, after the fact, yes, its obvious that it was unwanted, but beforehand, it probably wasn't. If you're sitting next to a hot girl who isn't paying you any attention, would you be able to tell if its "obvious" that she wouldn't want you to flirt with her?

What a pirty daedo!

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would u shut the fu** up?!?! he's old and it's ILLEGAL

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it says "...the old teacher..."

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it doesnt matter the age, even if of legal age its still against teacher/student law.

you're an idiot.

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Lol @ #149 defending ilk. OP: Sorry about that. Report the sick fuck.

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saying I want to fit into your tight area and saying I want a porsche are two wayyyy different things. in the first it can be taken any way in the second that's just you saying you want something. saying I'd do anything for a Porsche is closer to the first phrase and could be taken any way as well. and this was sexual harrassment dude really it's obvious he knew that it would be creepy to say but chose to say it anyway this is still sexual harrassment he just didn't repeat himself.

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I'm sure he's just a playa

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Ebonics are a bitch 103, a real bitch!

how would you report that she has no proof, plus that could be interpreted in many different ways

sexual harrasment panda!!!

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lightmaster: she does say the teacher is old, in fact she refers to him as "the old teacher". also I'm just not convinced that it's okay for old men to walk up to little girls and basically say "I would like to shove my pen!$ up your [email protected][email protected]"

the world would be a simpler place if people stopped being such princesses! the response would be " in ur dreams fuckta

edit: fucktard" and then walk away. end of story. the teacher is no threat. if he's so old and creepy no one would ever accept and therefore no law has been broken. harden the fuck up - this new generation of lawsuits and "harrassment" has made ppl soft! no wonder society is in the shape it's in!

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I think my last comment was a bit harsh, and for that I apologize

@67 I'm guessing you suck a looot of dick?

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wow. everyone it's not real calm down

that's disgusting! report that!

It says the teacher is old in the last sentence, actually pay attention to the FML before you go off on a big rant like that.

Okay, I can honestly say, fuck no. It could turn out that she's 18, and he's 30, but she didn't WANT him to say these things, that's why it's posted here. You're basically saying that it's "okay" to be told by a teacher that she doesn't obviously like to say that he wants to fuck her, as long as they're in the age limit.

lightmaster, I'd like to fit in your girlfriends tight area!!! she's way too hot for you!!!

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Quote: "no, it depends in the age. 17-18 is the legal age. If she's under that age then it can be charged. So stereotypical to asume that every ignorant comment is made by Americans." Actually it doesn't. Even if she was 18, his comment would still be considered inappropriate due to their current relationship as teacher and student. It can only become legal once that relationship is gone (but even then, it is still weird and creepy).

it's from australia numbskull.


Report it. That sexual harassment.

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actually 67, YOU'RE a good example of how fucked up America is.

your. an. IDIOT(I'd give you "websters definition" but you'd probably enjoy that a biiit too much)

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Old is word 37 in the FML, stupid.

Ok so next time an old male teacher says he wants to stick his penis in you, you let us know how you feel.


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Report. also, he's a f**king

kick the old ass in his loose wrinkled area !!

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since he's old, that would be... his face?

or his ass.. or stomach.. or legs.. or testicles.

ok 149 has a point... he did ONE mistake... I'd let him go once... but if he does it again, then I'd report it and @OP and everyone else, have you ever wondered if the teacher was talking about the othet teacher? what if he has a crush on the other music teacher??

you should have smacked him I would

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fuck that, punch his old geezer lights out!

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sorry i didnt finish, i meant a f**king perv

OP didn't say it's a guy.

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Report him, Then tell everybody at you're school that he is a nasty pervert.

wrong your, nice try at good grammer even using the ' , unforunatly your an idiot


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#68, Unfortunately* Ta-da! Sorry, but I wanted to chime in :)

Heil Hitlahgramma?

Actually, he also put "you're" as "your". That's the point that was being made.

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yeah LOL I was choosing to ignore that xD

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y'all both spelled unfortunately wrong... if you're going to be a grammar/spelling Nazi on a fellow grammar/spelling Nazi, at least do it right

OP didn't say it's a guy.

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sexual harrassment .