The Nutcracker

By lalalohan - 17/04/2009 15:19 - United States

Today, I was at a ballet recital with my friend, sitting between her and the mother of the head male ballerina. When he came on stage in obscenely tight white tights I whispered to my friend, "You can see his whole freaking package!" I'd whispered to the wrong side. FML
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Did she say anything back?

She probably noticed before you lol.


FIRST! Sry i just had 2 say but yeah FYL

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read it again she said it to his mom

did you actually read the fml?

now thats just awkward

Did she say anything back?

What was her reaction? :/

Haha, I would sometimes think that too. I love ballet. (not because of guys' tights, though)

She probably noticed before you lol.

hahaha that is dirty!

eh that's not too bad