By anon - United States
Today, I was performing in an orchestra concert. My stand partner and I commented on people in the audience the whole time, saying how fat they were, etc. Towards the end of the concert, I realized we were sitting right by a microphone, and the whole audience could hear us. FML
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it's EXTREMELY unprofessional to talk on stage during an orchestra. Especially if you are commenting on the weight of paying people that came to enjoy your music. if I were your conductor, I'd kick you out. YDI.

  Ms_Thingie  |  0

OMG me and my friend do that alllll the time it just happens we wisper it in each other's ear right in front of the person and most of the time they hear everything we say
And for the ppl saying that we do that to make our selfs feel better it's a lie bcz it's like we just point things out on ppl like if they have a hariy moll or somthing it's disgusting

  Starcatch77  |  20

I like how 264 has a picture of Selena Gomez as "her" profile. If you're going to blatantly insult people's appearances, atleast show your own picture on your account. But wait, then people would be able to see that you aren't perfect and have no reason to be making fun of other people.

By  ladycoyote  |  0

Maybe I'm just a dumb vocal performance major here, but I was under the impression that talking ONSTAGE DURING A PERFORMANCE was totally and completely unacceptable!

Depending on whether this was a work incident or a school incident, I hope you're either fired or failed.

By  HailSatan  |  0

You completely deserve it. As a member of a symphony orchestra myself, I see ignorant, big-headed people like you sitting around me all the time and it makes me want to slap them. If you're going to be in an orchestra, learn how to be professional. I hope your conductor kicks you out.