By Anonymous - 27/06/2013 20:27 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, the weather was so hot that I couldn't stop sweating profusely while using the restroom. Ever slipped off the toilet seat and hit the floor hard due to ass-sweat? Not a pleasant experience. FML
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Well that must have been a slippery situation.

Lovely image, thanks. I can't imagine your butt being any cleaner than today.


Well that must have been a slippery situation.

At least you didn't soil your pants, you hear a lot about that on FML.

ass sweat while taking a shit. disgusting. at least the fall didn't accelerate your dump!

Ah, yes. Ass sweat. Happens to me all the time. I always just poke my head through the bottom of the stalls and stare at them. Makes them forget all about you slipping off the toilet

MzZombicidal 36

I already have a hard enough time using public restrooms because of the disgusting toilets. I'd have a fit if I ended up on the floor! Hopefully you had finished up by then.


It doesn't say she was in a public restroom, however, for her sake I hope it was not.

I don't even know what to say to that...

I don't know what to say! But I want top comment! Better just say that I don't know what to say... Brilliant.

FML sucks freedom of speech booker Dewitt is comstock

bfsd42 20

I have an interesting idea. How about instead of feeding off bad comments just to get your comment noticed, you instead just thumb it down, let it get buried, and move on. In my opinion, these dumb replies to bad comments are as over-used as the bad comments themselves.

Just a little hypocrisy there, no?

Lovely image, thanks. I can't imagine your butt being any cleaner than today.

related: boy or girl? ass-hair or no ass-hair?

37, Lol why would those factors even matter??

Druu 53

#55, going to say ass hair would provide traction. Shit, works for polar bear paws.

idgafSOstfu 15

I bet now the floor is gonna smell like ass.

If it was a public restroom it probably already did

imtooshy 18

We know you landed on the floor but did the excrement land in the toilet or on the floor with you?

Druu 53

Could be a woman peeing. In which case, it went EVERYWHERE.

imtooshy 18

True, but men standing seem to get it everywhere too many times as well.

challan 19

As if putting your bare ass on a public toilet want bad enough, putting it on the rest room floor?!! Nasty! Buy some powder if you are sweating so bad! Sorry OP!!

KiddoKS 19

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder to be specific... Yes, it's a real product!

I don't think the OP would use the word "restroom" if it weren't public.

RedPillSucks 31

@29. Thank you so ******* much for making me google anti monkey butt spray. They come in his and her varieties. Apparently the ladies ass sweat needs the delicate kind.

good product. I reccomend it. I use it everyday, and where I live it's VERY hot and humid.

TrinityisLife 22

I've done it :x It's a literal pain in the ass.

on a related note, whats a good way to get a disturbing mental image out of your head?

escobar07 10

How the hell does anyone slip off the toilet from a seated position???

sweat+toilet seat=slipping. some cheap grade toilet seats have no tracyion whatsoever.

Also, from personal experience, alcohol can lubricate matters somewhat...

jisaac09 25

@9, that was what I was thinking too. Where was OPs feet/legs during all of this? Maybe I am crazy but I would brace myself off of the floor/sink/walls/ceiling before I would let myself fall off of the throne while I am doing my business.

@9, could be that the floor and/or seat is not level making it easier to slip off.

RainbowInput 8

Some places in the US, like Las.Vegas, are hitting 115 degrees Fahrenheit. There's gonna be some slippery butt sweat.

That joke went by faster than Lebrons hair line

#20 is probably a butt hurt Tim Duncan fan

'when you can't beat them being out the hairline jokes.' - every NBA fan who's team just played the Heat.