By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, the weather was so hot that I couldn't stop sweating profusely while using the restroom. Ever slipped off the toilet seat and hit the floor hard due to ass-sweat? Not a pleasant experience. FML
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  imaginaryvoice  |  18

Ah, yes. Ass sweat.
Happens to me all the time. I always just poke my head through the bottom of the stalls and stare at them. Makes them forget all about you slipping off the toilet

  MzZombicidal  |  36

I already have a hard enough time using public restrooms because of the disgusting toilets. I'd have a fit if I ended up on the floor! Hopefully you had finished up by then.

  bfsd42  |  20

I have an interesting idea. How about instead of feeding off bad comments just to get your comment noticed, you instead just thumb it down, let it get buried, and move on. In my opinion, these dumb replies to bad comments are as over-used as the bad comments themselves.

By  challan  |  19

As if putting your bare ass on a public toilet want bad enough, putting it on the rest room floor?!! Nasty! Buy some powder if you are sweating so bad! Sorry OP!!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@29. Thank you so fucking much for making me google anti monkey butt spray.
They come in his and her varieties. Apparently the ladies ass sweat needs the delicate kind.

  jisaac09  |  25

@9, that was what I was thinking too. Where was OPs feet/legs during all of this? Maybe I am crazy but I would brace myself off of the floor/sink/walls/ceiling before I would let myself fall off of the throne while I am doing my business.