By Anonymous - 08/02/2012 18:15

Today, we got a new seating arrangement in my science class. I'm now sitting between two people who have spent the last 20 minutes whispering dirty things to one another. FML
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that A+ you have in science will now drop to a C- by the end of the marking period.

1, I think you meant to say sextra education

that's right class, PENIS , the **** , famous FLOPPY ******, document ****** that ******* protects us is SEMEN known as the bill of ******** rights ! * gets up and leaves class in frustration *

I'm going to pretend that the word science is not in this fml ^ for those who are going to burn me for my out of subject context comment :)

Reeeaaalllyyy..... I thought it was history in English

And if OP learns enough there might be a chance for Mr. Professor to give some sextra credit.

I thought being in the cross conversation was bad but damn

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I liked your comment. I wish I could take it back knowing you're a homophobe.

Yes 5 is in no way a homophobe. Clearly he is making fun of people idiotic enough to be homophobes. I hope you know homosexual is a synonym for gay... (unless you mean happy :D)

The point of the sign is that it's redundant and idiotic. I as a very gay homosexual find it hilarious.

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but it's relevant to this thread ^

93 this is a comment to a fml post, not a thread on some Internet forum nor a thread on a needle nor a "I'm hanging on by a thread" philosophical meaning. Hence forth nor does " I'm a very gay homosexual have anything to do with the poor kids unfortunate seating arrangement. And in response the dipshit who though number 5 was being homophobic. Please take a moment to rip out your reproductive organs... All good now? Great now we won't have more uneducated retards starting hate crimes because they can't be bothered to read the joke correctly. And OP worst comes to worse try weirding them both out by joining in. Noone likes a third wheel. Who knows maybe they will request a seating change. :)

Just to get back on track, it might not be possible to change. If this person was in my science class (and they possibly might be...) the teacher won't let you change seats with anything short of a doctors note...

"Miss Op is having a serious mental breakdown because of her seating arrangement. Please move her before she goes into a T.M.I. induced coma. Sincerely, Dr. Doctorson"

This is my profile picture showing off the stupidness an pointlessnes of this sign.... Im sorry if it offended anyone but all my homosexual friends find it hilarious xD

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I honestly don't know what I would do if that happened to me.

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I'd join the conversation lol :)

Join in, out-filth them, maybe get lucky! ;)

Also, OP- why the he'll didn't you record any of it??

37 joke picture? Or spray tan gone wrong?

199 thats not nice. she looks perfectly fine

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In an aroused or repulsed way?

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Don't forget to say things like "spank my tushy" and "I want to phellate you both!"

Sexy ;) join them, maybe start moaning it all sounds really fun ????

???? supposed to be an emoji that looks kinda like this ^_^