By a / Friday 12 February 2010 06:20 / United States
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  boopityboppity  |  10

You can tell how crazy a person is by the number of exclamation marks used at the end of a sentence. You've got four, so I'm guessing you're next door to Brave_Sir_Robin in Ward 4.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I never get to say this but snickerdoodle FTW!!!!!!! (for the win, newbie) I use a lot of exclamation points but I am a 10-year old crackhead hoping to room with BSR at Arkham. =D


Today, I was using a public restroom. After about a minute of me being in there, a little girl came in and started pounding on the door, screaming that she had to go. My pregnancy hormones are so bad that I almost burst into tears. FML

By LissaMccracken - / Saturday 19 July 2014 01:04 / United States - Bentonville

Today, I went to the ER for extremely heavy bleeding related to my IUD birth control. They decided the best thing to do was remove it. An exam, two ultrasounds, and three x-rays later, the doctor comes back to tell me what's going on. Yeah, they can't find it. FML

By deku - / Monday 22 June 2015 22:34 / United States - San Francisco
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