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  KaySL  |  24

Practice like a motherfucker, and if you screw up on the day, just shit your pants and start throwing it at the audience. Say you got nervous and reverted to a simian state. It worked for Bush.


A recital for a music school in front of 300 people is small OP. And five pages of grand staff music is essentially 2 1/2 pages. Try 4 pages of single staff music at a publicly presented Canadian Premier of a famous composer's piece in a sold out concert hall seating 1000+. Please OP, grow a pair and play the damn concert. If you mess up then so be it. Music is a human creation and therefore cannot be perfect all the time.

  stacme  |  0

Well, you can. I mean, from experience, if this person is as good as their teacher seems to think, it's not that hard to learn 5 pages. If you don't have to memorize, it's a piece of cake. Hell, I learned a 200 page musical in a week and a half and I'm only slightly above mediocre. Memorizing.. well, look for patterns. 5 pages, even if it's Bach or Rachmaninoff are not that bad.

By  Babybluerose  |  0

Ooh! Tough going - think of it as a challenge! Clearly you are talented though, otherwise your tutor would not have left it until the last minute to have told you. All the best for it though, I know how you feel! Bon chance!