By killjoyx - 23/07/2015 18:28 - United States - Suffolk

Today, when I woke up, my dog excitedly came up to me and licked my face. A few minutes later, I find out he had thrown up twice before he licked my face. FML
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To be honest I really don't get why a lot of pet owners let their pets lick their faces. It's pretty disgusting to me even if that dog/cat hasn't thrown up or licked their ass/balls etc. before.


Oh, dogs. Aren't they just the best?

But will a cat be happy to see you and show its appreciation when it hasn't seen you all day

Have you met my cat? He's always excited to see me when I come home from school

Mine too. One of them follows me absolutely everywhere around the house, including sitting outside the shower curtain while I'm bathing.

#19 - My cat's the exact same way, but I stopped letting her come in the bathroom while I shower. She tried to get in one too many times. If she fell off the side of the tub, I was ******.

I have to let her in the bathroom or she will literally whine for the twenty minutes I'm in the shower because she can't be separated from me. It's realistically preparing me for not giving any future children shaken baby syndrome. (I would never actually shake a baby, by the way.)

She waits at the door but doesn't whine unless she hears me talking. :) She'll whine at any other door, though. Guess your cat is clingier. Good luck with your fuzzy little baby.

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Yes, and I'm beginning to think that people with this opinion have never been cat owners. A cat gravitates towards one or two people, not more. They're not pack animals like dogs so they are not trying to build up a social network, but if you're one of their favourites, they'll love you as much as a dog will. When I come home and sit down, my cat meows like crazy, runs up to me, rubs my legs, purrs, and when I sit down? She climbs on me and starts licking my nose. She also follows me everywhere to the point of being obsessive. She's like a shadow. If that's not love, I don't know what is. If you're a stranger to a cat, he/she will not usually gain the same level of intimacy - that is because while dogs are people pleasers and will gradually learn to love everyone with enough exposure, cats will usually only have a deep connection to their owners or members of the same household. My cat is as endearing to my wife, for example.

My cat has done that after he licked my other cats ass. Sorry, OP!

It was either that or his balls. Be grateful for the little things in life.

He could've done that after the vomit. OP will never know

Animal balls don't sweat. Their wieners are more dirty though. But their mouth is cleaner than toilet water so..

Which is why I never let my dog lick my face. Hands, sure but never my face

My puppy loves to eat chicken shit. I feel your pain.

That was his way of telling you he puked

And he threw up because he licked some poo off his paw.

To be honest I really don't get why a lot of pet owners let their pets lick their faces. It's pretty disgusting to me even if that dog/cat hasn't thrown up or licked their ass/balls etc. before.

Me either. Ya never know where their tongue has been previous to facial contact. I've seen my buddy's german shepard lick poison ivy, then "kissed" his face. Purposely waited for that to tell him where that tongue was last

^ Maybe the German Shepherd was trying to itch his tongue on the owners face. Poison ivy is so so itchy.

Maybe because we enjoy the sign of affection. I don't enjoy the slobber, but I appreciate the affection. Plus, there are grosser things than a dogs tongue. Like putting another person's genitals in your mouth, which many people have no qualms of doing. Also, they say that a dogs mouth is cleaner than our own, and I'm sure you have/do/will kiss people.

A dog's mouth is probably cleaner than yours, but not the rest of the people. Don't get me wrong, I adore dogs, I've raised them all my life, but their tongues/saliva is disgusting. They literally lick everything and anything they set their eyes on. Besides, are you seriously comparing oral sex with a dog licking your face? Damn.

I enjoy the affection too. But dogs will lick anything they set their eyes on. Watch Up; most dogs act like Doug. Attention span of 10 seconds tops.

I'm pretty sure that scientifically spreading, a dogs tongue is cleaner than a humans. Can't verify with research right now since I'm on a phone though. also, toilets tend to be more sterile than doorknobs.

Correction: that's a short sighted interpretation of it. turns out dogs tend to have less bacteria, but a greater variety of it and in many cases, more negative types of bacteria.

I'd rather let an animal lick my face than use somebody else's mouse/keyboard or cell phone.

Yes, I am comparing a dog licking your face to oral sex because it represented my point. I personally think oral sex is more gross than a dog licking me. And before you make some comment about me being against oral sex, I'm not. I just feel that if you really, actually thought about it, oral sex is worse. Just my opinion and it's apparently the unpopular one. Which is fine.

I don't let my dog lick my face but she's so persistent that it happens anyway :/