Just a prank, bro!

By fail - 16/02/2011 23:16 - United States

Today, at the library, somebody left themselves logged in to Facebook on a public computer after they had left. Trying to teach them a lesson, I updated their Facebook status to something outrageous. That's when they came back to the computer after getting something from the printer. FML
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you definitely deserve it. mind your own business

lesson 1: don't try to teach people anything. oh wait... never mind.


YDI for not just typing. " Penis" and then getting da fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- out.

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No, more along the lines of " Breaking news, pedo bear strikes again, but this time on facebook, would you like to know more?"

lesson 1: don't try to teach people anything. oh wait... never mind.

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Jonan bighead is in most of my users like my gt for xbox

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how does she deserve it? I wouldn't miss a chance of pranking someone like that :D It's funny :P

she deserve it for getting caught like an anus

i agree with one ydi for use the word outrageous what is the the roaring 20's go away

What did OP write that was so 'outrageous'?

you definitely deserve it. mind your own business

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Well not to mention, he shouldn't have assumed that someone just left it up. As I was reading this I was thinking, "Maybe they just went to the printer or to grab a book they looked up." In a public library, if there's anything on the computer screen, you assume it's in use and leave it alone.

I do this to my students all the time. I'm a trainer at a company with strict rules about leaving computers unlocked for confidentiality reasons, so when they do, I flip the image on their screen upside down. Very few people know how to fix that. :)

control + alt + any arrow of choice = oh no! a flipped screen

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he could also sue you for messing with his computer. and lie by saying he was purchasing something and you tried to steal his credit card number and shit.

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CTRL + ALT + ARROW does not work on all computers and all screens. Just an FYI. If the computer has Windows, you can do it through the Settings.

Are you kidding? I'm in grade 10, and I know how to do that, as well as the vast majority of kids I go to school with.

They should of changed the password :)

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Sounds like u got an ass whoopin comin

While this is mildly embarrassing, this was also a learning opportunity. Instead of saying "FML," you should have either laughed at yourself and apologized, or else just have ridden the situation out with the alacrity of a bombast.

It automatically adds the "today" and the "FML"

People who like to read, people who do research, people who do homework, people who don't have their own computer/internet, etc. This is especially true for high school and college-aged students :P

You shouldn't have messed with it at all, but if you had to do something, you should've logged out for them.

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that's the common sense thing to do but apparently he lacks the common courtesy

Thats what you get for trying to teach random people lessons.

Today's lesson: How to be a douchebag.

hmm interesting situation here's a thought don't touch other peoples facebook or there gonna be like WTF IMA FIRING MAI LAZAR on your ass